Monday, June 4, 2012

Competition to Beat all 4 Fantasy Greater Daemons 1 on 1

So the competition was simple, 1 on 1 against all 4 greater daemons to win. Little did I know they were using the storms of magic book for their stats. If you are not aware of storms of magic greater daemons they all have at least, strength 7 toughness 7, 7 wounds and at least (I think) 7 attacks, plus extras.

If you defeated a daemon, you became the champion of that god and received a card that let you bolster the stats of the character that slain the daemon in the next fantasy tourney. The prize was a blister that GW no longer makes. I won by using Skulltaker (yes I know cheesy but I was the only one who killed them all)

Here are some pictures and my prize: 

Nurgle was the first to feel my wraith

Next came Tzeentch

Finally took down the Bloodthirster and then Keeper of Secrets

Squig chasing a Goblin chasing a Squig

Painted version of my prize:

Overall it was a really fun day, they also had a massive apoc game which lasted all day, I took part in a bit of it and the pictures/battle report are in my next post.


- Brendan

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