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40k Battle Report -Space Marines vs Chaos Daemons

Space Marines VS Chaos Daemons - 1750 Points - (June 24th, 2012)

The gentlemen who plays Grey Knights said he would be down for a game on Sunday but he would bring his Space Marines to spare me the horrors of playing Grey Knights again.  So he showed up and we threw down! I changed my list a little bit this time to try something new.

Here are the lists:

Space Marines
10 Assault Marines
8 Terminators w/ Storm Shield, Hammers
10 Tactical Marines
1 Land Speeder
1 Stormtalon
1 Chapter Master w/ Orbital Bombardment
10 Scout Snipers
1 Land Raider
1 Dreadnought
1 Predator

Chaos Daemons:
12 Bloodletters - Icon, Instrument of Chaos
12 Bloodletters - Icon, Instrument of Chaos
12 Bloodletters - Instrument of Chaos
Daemon Prince - Wings, , Mark Of Nurgle, Breath of Chaos,Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch
3 Bloodcrushers
3 Flamers w/ Bolt of Tzeentch
3 Flamers w/ Bolt of Tzeentch
Soul Grinder w/ Phlegm

SM: Right Side

SM: Left Side
Daemons First Wave
Daemons First Wave (Sorry its titled I could not get to rotate)

We rolled off and got capture and control and pitched battle, he won the roll and went first, my objective on the right side and his was on the left side.

Daemons preferred wave was the 20 Bloodletters, Bloodthirster, 3 Bloodcrushers, the second wave being the Prince, and 10 Bloodletters, 6 Flamers and the Soul Grinder

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1

Space Marines
He put his terminators in the LR and put his Chapter Master with his Scouts in a building on his objective.  He moved his assault marines and tactical marines up the middle and kept his Stormtalon and landspeeder behind the building with his objective and his Dreadnought in the middle.  He moved all of his units up the board into the middle.

I rolled a 2 and got my second wave, I decided to deepstrike my Flamers right behind his Scouts to do as much damage as possible to try to move them off the objective.  I put my other flamers in a building on the left hand side hoping they would survive a turn.  I landed my Prince in the middle right in front of his assault marines and put my 10 Bloodletters back behind a building holding my objective.  My Soul Grinder landed in a crater on the right side.
I used breath of chaos on his scouts and managed to kill 6 and do a wound to his chapter master.
I also used Phlegm and managed to kill 1 assault marine and 2 tactical marines.

Object in my Deployment Zone and the Right Side

Space Marines Moving Up

After math of Flamers vs Scouts

Turn 2

Space Marines
He fired with his stormtalon and land speeder doing everything he could to destroy the Flamers behind his scouts, which he managed to do.  He used his orbital strike on my Bloodletters but scattered really far and only killed one.  He moved his LR up and shot everything he had at my 3 remaining Flamers in the building and managed to kill them.  He moved up his assault marines and tactical marines and his Dreadnought.  He shot with his pistol and did one wound and then assaulted into my Daemon Prince.  I striked first and killed 4, he attacked back and one wound.  He lost combat by 3 and failed his leadership test, we tired on Initiative and I caught him and we continued combat, he failed one of extra wounds save.

I rolled for my reserves and got my Bloodthirster and Bloodcrushers, I put them both in the building near my objective to keep them hidden for a turn.
My Bloodletters moved out from behind the building and was able to assault into his tactical marines.  My prince and the Bloodletters finished them off without taking any more wounds.
The soul grinder moved up and use his template again on the tactical marines but scattered off.

Thirster and Crushers Coming on the Board

Daemon Prince after wiping out Assault Marines

Marines Moving up the Board

Turn 3

Space Marines
He moved his LR up closer to my Prince and Bloodletters, he also moved his stormtalon out along the back and moved his Dreadnought up and closer to the middle.  He shot at my Bloodletters with his Stormtalon and Dreadnought and killed 5.  He then shot at my Prince with his LR and killed it.  He moved his Terminators out and assaulted my Bloodletters.  I managed to kill one and then he killed them.
He moved his Predator in the back and took a shot at my Soul Grinder and stunned it, but because of the Daemon rule it ignored that result.
He used his Grand Masters orbital strike but failed to wound any of the Bloodcrushers or the Bloodthirster.

I rolled reserves and got one unit of Bloodletters, I placed them on the left hand side behind a building.  I moved my Bloodthirster and Bloodcrushers out towards the Terminators.  I also moved up my Soul grinder towards the middle.
I used Phlegm on my Tactical marines and did not kill any.  I then assaulted his terminators with my Bloodthirster, who killed 2 and took 2 wounds tied combat.

Crushers and Soul Grinder Moving Up

Terminators Getting Into the Thick of it

Turn 4


Space Marines
He moved up his Rhino to shoot at my Bloodletters in the building and killed a few, he also shot at my Soul Grinder with his Predator and his Dreadnought and failed to do anything.  He used his Orbital strike again on the Bloodletters in the building and killed 1.
Combat with the terminators resumed and I killed one and he failed to do any wounds, he lost combat and failed his leadership and ran away.  I failed to catch him with a roll of 1.

I got my last reserve roll and put the bloodletters in the building near my objective.
I then moved my bloodletters on the left side into the building with a few hanging outside hoping to assault his tactical squad next turn.  I moved my Bloodcrushers out of the buildings but with a bad roll they got stuck out in the middle.  Out of assault range of the terminators.
I decided to ignore the terminators and assault the LR with my Bloodthirster, but only managed to shake it.
I moved my soul grinder up and went for the risky move of getting a good run roll and assaulting his Dreadnought/Stormtalon/terminators but only rolled a 2 and was stuck in no mans land.

Bloodletters landing and Crushers Moving up

LR Getting Assaulted by the Thirster

Dreadnought getting ready to do combat with the Soul Grinder

Turn 5

Space Marines
He fired with his melta at my Bloodthirster from his LR but failed to wound.  He also shot at my Soul Grinder with his multi melta on his Dread but rolled a 1 to hit.  His predator also rolled all 1's then trying to hit it.  He assaulted my Bloodcrushers with his Terminators and killed them all after I lost combat by 4 and failed the extra armour saves, I did managed to kill one leaving them at 3.   He moved them closer to my Bloodthirster.
He also moved his stormtalon up to my objective trying to contest it, in case the game ended.
He also moved his Land Speeder around the back towards my objective.
He assaulted with his Dread into my Soul Grinder and did nothing rolling all 1 and 2's.  I then destroyed a weapon and ripped off his DCCW making his Dread useless.

I charged his stormtalon with my Bloodletters on the objective and managed to get 8 glancing hits and I immobilized it which caused a wreck.  I assaulted his land raider again and destroyed all the weapons except the hurricane bolters and I also immobilized it.  It was pointing in the wrong direction so it was practically useless.  Combat continued withe Dread and Soul Grinder, I managed to destroy his other weapon and immobilize it, it was a just a shell now.
I also moved up and assaulted his Tactical squad with my Bloodletters and killed all but one, but because I assaulted into cover he got to go first and killed a couple Bloodletters.  His Sergent was able to flee and started running off the board.

Bloodletters Destroying a Stormtalon

Not Much Left of the Dreadnought

Bloodletters moving up the board

Turn 6 ???

We rolled and got a 2 thus ending the game, the game was a tie so we decided to keep playing to see if someone could win.

Space Marines

He moved his land speeder up into my objective trying to contest it again,  He also moved his Predator out and shot at the Bloodletters but missed.  He assaulted his terminators into my Bloodthirster, I killed 2 and did not take any wounds, and he made his extra wounds from combat resolution.  Combat continued with the Soul Grinder and Dread and I finished off his Dreadnought.

I assaulted his Landspeeder with my Bloodletters and managed to wreck it.  I also Assaulted the back of the Predator with my other Bloodletters and wrecked that as well.  Combat finished with the terminators as I killed the last one.  My Soul Grinder moved up and shot at the Scouts and Grand Master with Phlegm and the Harvester but only did one wound to the Grand Master.

Bloodletters holding the Objective

Predator goes down

Turn 7

We did not bother rolling for game end because we already decided to play to the end.

Space Marines

All he had left at this point was his shell of a land Raider, 4 Scouts and his Grand Master with one wound left.  He shot everything he had at my Bloodletters to stop them assaulting and contesting the last objective and killed all but 2.

My Soul Grinder and Bloodthirster moved closer to the objective but only managed to kill one more Scout.  My Bloodletters moved up but rolled a 3 on the charge and could not assault.  So I was out of range and could not contest the objective.

So close, but so far away

Wreckage left behind by the Daemons

Game over - Final Score: Space Marines 1, Daemons1

I kind of got tunnel vision and forgot about the other objective, I should have put one squad of Bloodletters down there, that should have been enough to kill the 5 terminators.  A little bit of bad luck having the soul grinder wrecked on turn 2, and his unit of 10 purifiers killed almost 20 Bloodletters, 3 Bloodcrushers and 2 Princes.

Space Marines
A welled played game on his part, and he got some good rolls and was able to use 10 purifiers to essentially hold the right side of the board. It is always a up hill battle against GK with all the rerolls and other bonus's against Daemons.

The Three Stars:

The first star for the Daemons I would say was Bloodletters on my objective, they destroyed two vehicles allowing me to keep that objective.

The first star for the Space Marines was probably his terminators, they survived for along time and managed to kill both a unit of Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers before dieing.

Daemon Three Stars:
*     Bloodletters (on my objective)
**   Daemon Princ
*** Bloodthirster

Space Marines Stars:
*    Terminators
**  Chapter Master/Snipers
*** Land Raider

Skulls reaped for the skull throne: 39
Skulltaker collected: NA

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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