Monday, June 4, 2012

40k Battle Report - Apocalypse Game

  Apocalypse Game!

Hey guys, so this week was my local GW stores birthday bash and they had a massive apoc game for everyone to join.  I showed around mid turn 2, (turns were 45 minutes each) and stayed for only 1 turn because it ended up taking almost 2 hours and I had to leave (first apoc game, didn't realize it was so long)  The only rules were they models had to be painted with at least 3 colours, here is what I brought:

Chaos Daemons:
10 Bloodletters - Icon, Instrument of Chaos
10 Bloodletters
10 Bloodletters - Icon, Instrument of Chaos
Daemon Prince - Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark Of Khorne, Death Strik, blessing of the blood god

Daemon Prince - Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark Of Khorne, Death Strike, blessing of the blood god

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

I joined a group of Necrons and IG at the very left of the board getting over run by someone who brought over 5k worth of GK, and someone with over 4K worth of Chaos Space Marines and some Tau.  I dropped 20 bloodletters near the Tau and CSM, and my Princes and other 10 Bloodletters + Skulltaker near the GKs.

Getting Ready to Attack the GK's

Getting Ready to assault the Tau/CSM

After I deeptriked down I, had to wait for their turn to go, I assumed I would be shot to death but everyone seemed to ignore me except for when he charged me with his lesser summoned Daemons, he killed 5 of my Daemons and I killed 7 of his.

Overview of the table from my end.
I moved up all of my Daemons ready to engage a group of Terminators and Draigo :S  After some shooting from the Necron's and IG there was 1 Terminator and Draigo left.  Draigo last turn ran ahead so him and the remaining terminator were separate units.  I charged the terminator with my Daemon Prince and killed it easily.  I then charged Draigo with Skulltaker and the Bloodletters, I managed to kill Draigo and he attacked Skulltaker back and failed to do any wounds with my 2++ against force weapons.
I also charged his land Raider with my Daemon Prince, it was down to AV 12 from entropic strike from some scarabs earlier, it moved 6 inches so I needed 4's to hit it and only managed to hit with one attack.  I rolled a glancing hit and stunned it.

On the other side against CSM and Tau, I charged some sniper drones with 10 Bloodletters and killed them all.  I then finished off the 3 remaining Lesser Daemons and only lost 1 of my Bloodletters.
Combat after our turn against the GK's

Combat after our turn against the CSM and Tau
After our turn was over I managed to collect 4 kill points for our side, but because of the time restrictions I had to leave.  I so gathered up my troops and packed up.  Wish I could have stayed for the whole day, it was a really good time, but alas life gets in the way some times >.>

Thanks for reading guys, I will be posting another battle report next week.

- Brendan

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