Daemon Army (Updated 03/30/2018)

March 30th Update (Soul Grinder)

I had this guy sitting around for the longest time just base coated and decided to give him the treatment he deserved and paint him.  

March 14th Update! (3 years later...)

I know I said this last time, but wow it has been a while...  I lost interest in the hobby for a little bit stopped painting all together for almost a year.  But with 8th Edition in and the new Daemon Codex out I dove back in and finished up a bunch of old projects I started and needed to finish.

I finished up my Bloodthirster, some Bloodcrushers, a Herald on a Bloodcrusher and a Bloodthrone and Skull Cannon.  Here is what I have been working on.

I am currently working on my second Soulgrinder so hopefully I will have picks to show of that soon as well.

March 26th Update!

Wow its been a while for my Daemons, I kind of got caught up in my Eldar for a bit there, but with the new Codex I picked up some more goodies and here is the finished product for them (minus the base).  I still have to finish another herald and the Skull Cannon, and I have 5 more Hounds coming as well.

10 Bloodletters and a Herald

6 more Hounds :D

Finish Herald, taken from the Chariot Kit
Front Side

Side view

November 16th Update!

I finished two HQ's for my Tzeentch list finally, the Lord of Change and my Herald.  I bought the LoC second hand and had to strip a lot of greenstuff off of him and rebuild him so the metal is a little damage in some parts around his wings and body from the previous owner.  But over all I think he turned out pretty good.  The herald is a combination of Sorcerer of Tzeentch, the fantasy model and the disk actual Herald model, I am pretty happy with the way he turned out.

After I took the pictures I cleaned up the glue residue on the herald.

October 17th Update!

I recently ordered 20 more pink horrors, 3 more flamers and I am currently working on a conversion for my a Tzeentch Herald which I will post pictures off soon.

In the mean time, here is what I have done of the pink horrors so far.

The bases, I want it to look like they causing the ground to turn into blue crystal were ever they walk

One test model to see how the rest would turn out

The back side of the test model

The first 20 with a base coat of pink

October 2nd Update!

I decided to try to make a few objective markers in my spare time while I was waiting for a order to come in.  This is what I have come up with so far.  I also finished 10 more Bloodletters, finally completing all the 40  Bloodletters I own.

Khorne Obective Marker

10 more finished Bloodletters!

Daemonic artifact

Daemonic Artifact

Both objective markers

September 11 Update! (Again)

I made some adjustments to one model (the one with scales) I added some highlighting to his scales, but the picture does not really show it well.  I also added the magnets for easy transportation.

I mixed a 1:1 Ratio of Skull White and Lothern Blue to highlight the edges of the scales
Magnets added to the base and their bellies

The little guys are ready to go


September 11 Update!

So it has been a while since I finished painting any new models, but I moved at the end of September so I have been pretty busy, but after the move was done I treated myself to some new Screamers.  I finished them last night and all that is left to do is magnetize the flier stands.  The only thing I want to change is their tusks, but I am going to hopefully get some lessons on painting horns better over the next few days.  Here are the pictures.

August 21 Update!

Hey guys, it has been a while since I have got anything fully painted but I have been busy the last week and managed to get my Soul Grinder and Flesh hounds finished.  Here is the final product.

July 11th Update!

I commissioned someone from my local GW paint my horrors for me, and my buddy Sarkastic got and painted a changeling for me, they all turned out great but I really love the work done on the Changeling.  I received them both back around the same time so I am sharing my new additions with you guys!


Overview of my 10 Horrors + Changeling

Close up of the Changeling

My three standard bearers



July 5th Update!

I finished 10 more Bloodletters and 3 of the Bloodcrushers done, so here are some pictures.  I am starting work on my next 10 Bloodletters I am half done my 3 Bloodcrushers.  Then on to my Soul Grinder and Bloodthirster.


June 18th Update!

Hey guys, so my Soul Grinder finally arrived! :D  So here he is all glued together and ready for some paint. I also built and put magnets into my Bloodthirster, there are some pictures below with how that went.

Hes a big boy!



June 7th Update!

Hey guys, I bought a bunch of Daemons when Miniwargaming had a sale, and most of them arrived (except my soul grinder)  Here is a picture of what I am about to get into! Plus I forgot to take a picture of my other set of Flamers I bought.

So that brings me up over 2000 points total now!  But so much painting >.>  I better get my butt in gear.

Also I am sending my Pink Horrors to be painted by a local guy, I will upload the pictures once hes done so you can see his work.


May 28th Update!

I finished my two Daemon Princes finally! that's 10 points out of my 20 points for a painting challenge over on Sarkastiks Blog: http://www.sarkastik40k.blogspot.ca/.

Here are some pics of the completed Princes, also I have about 800 points of Daemons coming my way within the next week, thanks a huge sale over at Miniwargaming.  I will update with a shot of all my new toys once they arrive.

I am going to fix that little bit of purple that is on the wing bones >.>

May 12th Update!

So I have been busying upgrading my Army!  I bought some Bloodcrushers, Bloodletters and Flamers, also A few pictures of Daemon Princes, one completed one WIP.

New purchases in the box

New purchases out of the box

Completed Prince Front

Completed PrinceSide

WIP Side - Skin is done

WIP  - Front View


April 23rd Update!

So my princes finally arrived! I have a lot of painting to do, and decisions on colour schemes.

Both are going to have wings, I just painting him before glueing them on.

 And my full army shot!


April 12th Update!

I finished my next set of Bloodletters so here are some photos of that group and my whole daemon army so far.  My Daemon Princes are still in the mail >.>

Chaos Daemon Army


April First Update!

I finished my first 10 bloodletters and I am currently working on my next 10.  Here is a picture of my bloodletters and their leader Skulltaker.

There will be more updates once I am done my next 10, I am also making a standard bearer and a instrument of Chaos model for this squad and my next 10.  I also have two Daemon Princes on the way, once completed the Golden Armies of Khorne will be a devastating force.

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