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40k Battle Report -Space Marines (Eldar Allies) vs Chaos Daemons

Space Marines (Eldar Allies) VS Chaos Daemons - 2000 Points - (July 7th, 2012) (First 6th Edition Battle Report)


With 6th Edition here I was excited to play a new game, I already played one game against someone who is becoming a common opponent against me, he is the GK and SM player.  He played his GK and he ended up winning, but it was close he only had 5 termies left at the end, but with all the new rules and book flipping I forgot to take pictures and can not remember much of it, so I decided to play another game against him with his Space Marines, he wanted to try the Allies and brought some of his Eldar.   So here is my first 6th Edition battle report, hope you enjoy.


Here are the lists:

Space Marines
6 Tactical Squad
9 Terminators w/ Storm Shield, Hammers, lighting claws.
10 Tactical Marines
1 Stormtalon
1 Chapter Master w/ Orbital Bombardment
10 Scout Snipers
1 Land Raider
1 Razorback
1 Farseer on Jet Bike
3 Warlocks on Jet Bikes
1 Wave Serpent
10 Dire Avengers

Chaos Daemons:
10 Bloodletters - Fury of Khorne
10 Bloodletters - Fury of Khorne
10 Bloodletters - Icon, Fury of Khorne
10 Bloodletters - Icon, Fury of Khorne
Daemon Prince - Wings, Mark Of Nurgle, Breath of Chaos,Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch
Daemon Prince - Wings, Mark Of Nurgle, Breath of Chaos,Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch
Bloodthirster - Unholy Might, Blessing of the Blood God
3 Bloodcrushers - Fury of Khorne
6 Flamers of Tzeentch
Soul Grinder w/ Phlegm

SM Deployment - Right Side

SM Deployment - Left Side

Daemon Army

We rolled off and got Vanguard deployment and The Relic mission.

Daemons preferred wave was the 10 Bloodletters, Bloodthirster, 3 Bloodcrushers, Soul Grinder and a Daemon Prince, the second wave being the Daemon Prince, and 30 Bloodletters and the 6 Flamers

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1

Space Marines
He won the roll and went first, and as usual it was a quick turn 1 and he moved his units up the board.  His 6 man squad was in his Razorback and his terminators were in the LR.

I got my preferred wave, and put my Soul Grinder and Bloodthirster on the left side of the board and my Prince and Bloodletters on the right side.  Both the Bloodthirster and Daemon Prince were in flying mode.  My Bloodcrushers went into a building on the far left side just to the left of his wave serpent.

Turn 2

Space Marines
He moved his Wave Serpent over near my Bloodcrushers and unloaded his Avengers, his Warlocks also moved over to try and hit my Soul Grinder.  His Razorback moved to the objective int he middle and unloaded the 6 man squad.  He also moved his LR up in front of my Bloodletters in the middle.  He got his reserve roll for his Stormtalon and it came on the board and shot at my Daemon Prince.
In the shooting phase he shot his 6 man squad, Razorback and LR at my unit of Bloodletters in the middle and only managed to kill 5.  His Stormtalon shot at my Daemon Prince but did not manage to kill it, he left it with one wound.  The wave serpent and Dire Avengers shot at my Bloodcrushers and managed to kill one, and his  His tactical squad and snipers failed

I made all of my reserver rolls except for one unit of Bloodletters.  I put a one unit of Bloodletters near my Icon and the other behind the Razorback.  I put the other Daemon Prince between his LR and 10 man tac squad in the building.  I also put my Flamers behind the building near his LR.
In the movement phase I flew my Bloodthirster over behind his 6 man squad holding the objective, and vector striked killing 1.  I took my Prince of flying mode and he flew up in front of the razorback and I moved my Bloodletters up in front of his 6 man squad on the objective.   The Soul Grinder moved out to shoot at the Wave Serpent and my Bloodcrushers moved up to assault either the avengers or the wave serpent.
In the shooting phase I shot my Bloodthirsters phlegm at the wave serpent and hit a few Dire avengers as well.  I immobilized the wave serpent and then killed 2 Avengers.  The Prince who deepstriked ran into the building with the tactical marines, the other prince used Breath of Chaos on the razorback up failed to do anything. 
In the assault phase my Bloodcrushers assaulted the Wave Serpent and exploded it, killing 2 more. My Bloodletters assaulted his Tactical Marines, which went first because of difficult terrain and killed 2, my 3 attacked back and killed them all with some good rolls.  The Prince Smashed the Razorback but failed to hit it.

Turn 3

Space Marines
In the movement phase he moved his stormtalon over and took shots at my Soul Grinder taking off one hull point.  He moved his land raider up and shot at my flamers killing 2.  He moved his dire avengers back closer to his Scouts.  He took shots with his 10 man Tac squad in the building at my Prince but failed to wound him.  He also shot his Warlocks at my Soul Grinder but failed to do anything.  He also moved his razorback back 6 inches and shot at my prince but failed.
In the assault phase he assaulted my Prince with his marines, they lost combat, failed their moral and started to run away.

I did not get my reserve roll again.
In the movement phase I moved my Bloodcrushers up in front of the Warlocks.  My Bloodthirster flew over the building with the Scouts and infront of the Avengers.  My Bloodletters ran up one level into the building with the Scouts in it. My Prince ran up and templated the Razor back and took off one hull point.  My other 10 man Bloodletter moved up to Assault the Razorback to make sure it gets wrecked.  The remaining Flamers moved up and templated the LR but only took off one hull point.
In the shooting phase my the Soul Grinder used phlegm on the Warlocks and the Farseer failed both his invul saves from Fortune and was instant Deathed him, from double strength.  The Prince flew over and used Breath of Chaos on the Marines and killed 3.
In the assault phase the Bloodthirster charged in to the Avengers and took one wound and killed 2, but they made their leadership. The Prince smashed the Razorback and wrecked it. The Bloodcrushers assaulted the Warlocks and killed 1 but the warlocks and attacked back and killed one Bloodcrusher. My other Prince assaulted his tactical marines and killed 2 but they made their leadership.  My 10 man Bloodletter squad assaulted his Scouts and killed them all after losing 2.

Turn 4


Space Marines
He realized he has made a huge mistake, and he forgot to deploy his Chapter Master on the board, he has been sitting in reserves the whole game.  So as we laugh about it for a few minutes he places him on the board on the far right side.
In the movement phase he drops his Stormtalon down to hovering and to shoot at my Soul Grinder.  He also moves back his LR closer to his Chapter Master, so he can shoot the Flamers one more time before he disembarks his Terminators.
In the shooting phase he takes shots at my Soul Grinder but fails to do any damage. 
In the assault phase the combat with the warlocks and Dire Avengers wraps up as some Bloodletters assault the Warlocks to finish them off with the Bloodcrusher.  And the Bloodthirster kills the Avengers. Finally the Daemon Prince stuck in combat with the Marines kills another one but they pass their leadership.

The Daemon prince with one wound left flys over behind the LR and the Flamers fly up in front of it.  The Bloodthirster flies closer to the Chapter Master for a show down.  The Soul Grinder moves in front of the Stormtalon ready to assault it.
In the shooting phase I Breath of Chaos the LR 4 times and fail horribly.
In the assault phase the Soul Grinder assaults the Stormtalon and blows it up, 5 auto hits at strength 10.  My Prince smashes in the LR and immobilizes it leaving it with one hull point..  My Prince finales kills the last Marine and is out of combat.

Turn 5

Space Marines
He disembarks his terminators and moves them out the back towards my Bloodthirster.
In the shooting phase he uses his orbital bombardment on my Bloodthirster but scatters and hits his terminators and kills one.
He assaults my Bloodthirster with his terminators and I managed to smash and kill one more before the kill my Bloodthirster.

In the movement phase I fly both my Princes over to his terminators and move up my Bloodletters. I continue to move the rest of my troops closer to his last remaining few.
In the shooting phase I breath of chaos his terminators with my Princes and kill 2 more after he fails some saves.  I breath of Chaos his LR 3 more times and finally manage to wreck it.
In the assault phase I assault in with both Princes and all 10 Bloodletters.  I kill 2 more terminators leaving 4 left but he kills the Daemon Prince with the one wound remaining.

Turn 6

We rolled and the game continued.

Space Marines

He uses orbital bombardment on a group of Bloodletters and killed 3.
Then the combat continued and he did 2 wounds to my Daemon Prince but failed to kill it. I attacked back and killed 1 more terminator.

I managed to get another group of Bloodletters into combat with is terminators and with all my attacks finally killed his remaining terminators.

Turn 7

We rolled and the game continued again.

Space Marines

He assaulted my Prince with his Chapter Master but only did one wound.  I attacked back and did one wound to him.

I assaulted his chapter master with two of my bloodletter squads, and my Flamers.  Through all my attacks I finally killed his chapter Master and the game was over.

Chapter Master being over run by Daemons

Game over - Daemons Victory

This was a fun game and the more I play with my Soul Grinder the more I love him, the AV13 and the large blast make him very good.  The ability for Monstrous creatures to fly is really good for the Daemons.  It is risky to sink all your shots into a flying monstrous creature only hitting on 6's, and even more risky when they are toughness 6.  Definitely gives a nice advantage to having them come off reserves, helps them live a bit longer, plus moving 24 inches helps cover the board.

Space Marines
I am not sure if the chapter master would have won him the game or not, probably not.  But forgetting to deploy him and having him in reserve, and then forgetting about him until turn 4 definitely did not help, but mistakes happen.  I had a large number of troops on one side of the board near his LR but I put the rest on the other side and for a large part of the game his LR and terminators were out of the action which really helped me out, because Hell Blades can not deal with terminator armour any more.

The Three Stars:

The first star for the Daemons I would say was Bloodcrusher, they did a lot of work and pretty much destroyed all the Eldar troops by themselves.  They were not around for the end of the game but did a lot work at the start to take some pressure off the rest of my troops.

The first star for the Space Marines was probably his terminators, they survived for along time and managed to get the only kill points for him, killing my Bloodthirster and one Daemon Prince.

Daemon Three Stars:
*    Bloodcrushers
**   Bloodletters (holding objective)
*** Daemon Prince (took out tactical squad)

Space Marines Stars:
*    Terminators
**  Land Raider
*** 10 Man tactical squad

Skulls reaped for the skull throne: 55
Skulltaker collected: NA

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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