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40k Battle Report - Grey Knights vs Chaos Daemons

Grey Knights vs Chaos Daemons - 6th Edition - 2000 Points - (July 28th 2012)

The regular GK player I play against is going out of the country for a month, so we decided to get one last game in before he heads out.  He feels bad to keep bringing GK against my Daemons but I keep telling him I don't mind.  So he brought his GK's for a couple last games before he leaves.  This time I decided to go with a more Fluffy list, I brought all Khorne, which also will work out in my favour because I can get Blessing of the Blood God, which gives me a 2++ against force and physic weapons.  But with the new preferred enemies I am still at a huge disadvantage.  But these games are for fun so I am not worried.

Here are the lists:

Grey Knights
8 Terminators (Deep striking)
1 Land Raider
1 Gunship
10 Purifiers w/ halbreds, hammers and psycannons
10 Purifiers w/ halbreds, hammers and psycannons
1 Librarian

Chaos Daemons:
Bloodthirster - Unholy Might, Blessing of the Blood God
8 Bloodletters - Icon, Fury of Khorne
8 Bloodletters - Icon, Fury of Khorne
8 Bloodletters - Fury of Khorne
8 Bloodletters - Fury of Khorne
8 Bloodletters - Fury of Khorne
Daemon Prince - Wings, Unholy Might, Iron Hide, Mark of Khorne, Deathstrike, Blessing of the Blood god
Daemon Prince - Wings, Unholy Might, Iron Hide, Mark of Khorne, Deathstrike, Blessing of the Blood god
3 Bloodcrushers - Fury of Khorne
6 Flesh hounds - Karanak Upgrade, Fury of Khorne
Soul Grinder w/ Phlegm

My Khorne Army, still WIP
GK Deployment, Crowe is in the building on the far right.

We rolled off and got crusade and hammer hand deployment, after rolling for objectives we had 4 on the table.

The preferred wave for Daemons was: Bloodthirster, Daemon Prince, 8 Bloodletters, 8 Bloodletters and the Soul Grinder.

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1

We rolled for night fighting and rolled a 3, so it was not in play until turn 5.

To start the game he had his Gunship in reserves holding 10 Purifiers/Librarian and one Dreadnaught, he also had his terminators in reserves.  On the board he placed Crowe on one of the Objectives in a building and his LR with 10 Purifiers in it and his Dreadnaught next to it.  He used his turn to move his units up a little to get ready for my Daemons.

I rolled and got my preferred wave, I placed my Soul Grinder on the back objective (tried to hide him from the lascannons from the LR and Dreadnought but there was no were to go.).  I had my Daemon Prince and Bloodthirster come in on either sides of the board in flying mode.  And landed my two Bloodletter squads with the Icons on the right side trying to stay behind cover.  I tried to shoot the LR with phlegm but it failed to do anything.
We counted the forests as mysterious forest and the crater the Soul Grinder landed in was mysterious river.  We rolled hyper slime which gave FNP but needed to pass a leadership to do anything so it was useless for the Soul Grinder.

Turn 2

Reserves: He got his terminators to come in but failed on his Gunship, he placed his terminators next to a objective in front of my Daemon Prince.
Movement: He moved his LR and Dreadnought up into a good firing lane on the Soul Grinder.  He also disembarked his Purifiers from the LR in front of one Bloodletter squad.
Shooting: He shot both his LR and Dreadnought at my Soul Grinder and did 3 HP's but only managed to Immobilize it.  He also shot his purifiers at my Bloodletters and killed all 6 he could see.
Assault: He could not assault because he killed all the Bloodletters in sight.

Reserves: I rolled a 3+ for everything but my Flesh Hounds, I placed my Bloodcrushers in front of my Soul Grinder, one unit of Bloodletters behind the LR, another unit behind a building next to one of my Icons.  My Prince misshaped but I rolled a 2 so he placed his at the far end of the board in my deployment zone, he was in flying mode.  A unit of Bloodletters also misshaped, but they went back into reserves.
Movement: I took my Prince and Bloodthirster out of Flying mode, and moved my Prince next to his terminators and my Bloodthirster behind his LR.  I also moved my remaining two Bloodletters out from behind the wall and my other 8 up and ready to assault the Purifiers.
Shooting: I used Phlegm on his Purifiers and managed to kill one.  Other then that I used Deathstrike on his terminators but rolled a 1 to wound, and I ran by other Prince but as far as I could and my Bloodcrushers but a little as well.
Assault: My Prince assaulted into his terminators taking one wound from overwatch, and my Bloodthirster smashed into his LR.  My two units of Bloodletters also assaulted into his purifiers, he shot at the group of 8 with over watch and killed 4 thanks to his flamer, he wiped out all of Bloodletters except one, and I managed to kill 2 of his Purifiers.
The Bloodthirster managed to explode his LR which was a welcome sight, and my Daemon Prince killed one Terminator.  My unit of Bloodletters moved into the mysterious forest and we rolled Brainleaf Fonds, which forces a leadership test on 3D6 and if you fail its D6 hits against his own unit. So I kept only him in the forest and moved the rest up, but he passed his leadership.

Turn 3


Reserves: He rolled Reserves and got his gunship to come in, which he moved on to the board next to the building Crowe is in, it came in flying.
Movement: He moved his Dreadnought up and that was it, everything else was in combat.
Shooting: He shot at my Bloodcrushers and did one wound, he also shot his gunship at my Bloodthirster but failed to do a wound.
Assault: In the combat with the Bloodletter he managed to wipe it out and then consolidate into cover were the LR blew up.  Also my Daemon Prince killed one more terminator while taking one wound.


Reserves: I rolled and got my Flesh Hounds to come in but one unit of Bloodletters was still in reserves.  I placed them close to his terminators, hoping that Daemon Prince could survive one more round of combat so they could get in, that would be 7 models with a 2++ against all his weapons and I would at least be able to tar pit him until the end of the game if not wipe them out.
Movement: I moved my Bloodcrushers up closer to his Purifiers and also my unit of Bloodletters closer to them.  I also moved out of the Brainleaf forest and closer to the objective in the middle.  I flew my Daemon Prince up as far as he could and also jumped my Bloodthirster over behind his Dreadnought.
Shooting: I used Phlegm on his Purifiers against but failed to do anything, also my Bloodthirsters Deathstrike failed to do anything against his rear armour.
Assault: I assaulted my Bloodcrushers and my Bloodletters into his unit of Purifiers, he overwatched my Bloodletters but he only killed one because I killed his Flamer in combat last turn. I also assaulted his Dreadnought with my Bloodthirster.
In combat against the Dreadnought I managed to explode it.  Combat against the purifiers finished with him killing 4 Bloodletters leaving 3 alive and doing 1 wound to my Bloodcrushers and then I finished off his unit of purifiers.  My Daemon Prince took 3 wounds and I rolled 2 ones and he was killed.  Leaving my unit of Flesh Hounds ready to be shot to death

Turn 4



Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved gunship up 18 inches between the buildings.  He deployed his Purifiers/Librarian and Dreadnought in front of it.
Shooting: His gunship took shots at my Bloodthirster and did one wound, while his Terminators opened fire on my Flesh Hounds and killed all but one.  He Purifiers and his Dreadnought shot at my Bloodletters on the objective and killed them all.
Assault: In the Assault phase he did not assault anything and was not in combat.


Reserves: My Bloodletters came in and I dropped them on the objective next to the Soul Grinder.
Movement: I moved my Bloodcrushers up and also flew my Prince up to get ready to assault his Purifiers/Librarian.  I also flew my Bloodthirster over and to assault his terminators.
Shooting: I shot at his terminators with Deathstrike but failed to kill any.
Assault: I assaulted into his Termiantors with my Bloodthirster and my remaining flesh hound, he overwatched my Bloodthirster but failed to do any wounds.  He also assaulted my Prince and Bloodcrushers into his Purifier squad with the Librarian, he overwatched my Flesh hounds and did one wound.
He used a physic power that made me take a leadership test on 3D6 for all models in base to base with the Librarian, and if I failed I would have to attack my unit, two out of three Bloodcrushers failed.  In combat he actually killed those two Bloodcrushers before it was my turn so they never attacked their own unit.  I attacked back and killed 4 of his purifiers and one wound on the Librarian.
In combat with the terminators they managed to kill my only flesh hounds because I kept rolling 1's on my saves. But my Bloodthirster assaulted back and killed 2 leaving him with 5.

Turn 5


Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved his Gunship over next to the combat with the Bloodthirster.
Shooting: He shot his gunship at my unit of Bloodletters on the Objective but only managed to kill 1.  He also shot his Dreadnought at my unit of Bloodletters in the center of the board on the objective and killed 2 leaving one left.
Assault: In combat with the Purifiers he managed to kill my last Bloodcrusher but I also managed to kill 3 of his Purifiers leaving him with just a few and his Librarian.  Combat with the Bloodthirster continued and I managed to killed 3 more in combat and he did not do any wounds.


Reserves: NA
Movement: I had nothing to move everything was either on a objective or in combat.
Shooting: There was nothing to shoot at.
Assault: In combat with his purifiers my Prince killed all the Purifiers leaving just the Librarian with one wound left.  The Bloodthirster also managed to kill the rest of the terminators. (Those 2++ saves are huge against GK)

Turn 6 ?

We rolled and got a 4 and the game continued.


Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved his gunship right up in front of my Soul Grinder and Bloodletters, he also moved his Dreadnought up closer to the remaining Bloodletter on the center objective.
Shooting: The gunship shot at the Bloodletters killing 2, and his Dreadnought finished off the remaining Bloodletter on the objective in the middle.
Assault:  In combat against the Librarian my Prince did 4 wounds and he failed his 3++ save killing the Librarian.


Reserves: NA
Movement: I flew my Bloodthirster over into his deployment zone getting the line breaker victory point.  I also moved my Prince behind his Dreadnought.
Shooting:  My Prince shot but failed to do anything to his Dreadnought.
Assault: In combat I assaulted the Dreadnought and ripped off both its arms.

Turn 7: ??

We rolled a 2 ending the game.

Victory Points:
GK - Objective (3), Line Breaker (1)
Daemons - Objective (3), Line Breaker (1), First Blood (1)

Game over - Final Score Daemons: 5 Grey Knights: 4

This was a really fun game, and it was my first victory over GK's ever.  Using an all Khorne list was a real advantage for me because it gave all my MC a 2++ against basically all GK melee attacks.  The only reason I won was I got first blood for blowing up his LR on the second turn.  We both had a lot of fun and I think we both definitely learned some new things this game.  I was very happy with the Khorne Daemon Prince, being able to keep him in the air until I want to assault is huge for his survive ability, now they are not nearly as good as a Nurgle or even tzeentch prince over all they were definitely better against GK, with Blessing of the Blood God.  I would highly recommend a Khorne Prince over the any other against GK.

The first star for the Daemons I definitely say was the Bloodthirster, he exploded a LR, a Dreadnought and killed 5 terminators.
For the GK's I would say the first star was probably his unit of Purifier's in the LR, they killed a almost 20 Bloodletters before finally being killed.

Daemon Three Stars:
*     Bloodthirster
**   Daemon Prince (Killed Purifiers/Librarian squad)
*** 8 Bloodletters (Camped Objective)

Grey Knights Stars:
*     10 Purifiers's in the LR
**   Terminators (They killed a Daemon Prince and 6 Flesh Hounds)
*** Dreadnaught (shot my bloodletters off an objective)

Skulls reaped for the skull throne: 32
Skulltaker collected: 0

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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