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40k Battle Report - 1500 point 6th Edition Tournament

40k Battle Report - 1500 point 6th Edition Tournament

At GW they held a 1500 point tournament to get into 6th edition, no special rules were in place.  So I decided to enter, and we had a good turn out, 10 people and only two duplicate armies, that being Necrons.
The armies in the tournament were:
Grey Knights
Chaos Daemons
Tau, with Space Marine allies
Dark Eldar
Space Marines
Imperial Guard
Space Wolves

So here is the list I brought:

Bloodthirster /w unholy might, blessing of the blood god, chaos instrument
Soul Grinder /w Phlegm
Daemon Prince /w Mark of Nurgle, Iron Hide, Noxious Touch, Wings, Cloud of Flies, Breath of Chaos
10 Bloodletters /w Fury of Khorne, Chaos Icon
9 Bloodletters /w Fury of Khorne
5 Pink Horrors /w Bolt of Tzeentch
5 Pink Horrors /w Bolt of Tzeentch, Changeling
3 Bloodcrushers /w Fury of Khorne
4 Flamers

I did not get any pictures because of how much was going on and the fact that I played 3 games in one day.

The armies I played against was Tau /w Space Marines, Necrons, Orks

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Game One:

Chaos Daemons vs Tau /w Space Marine Allies

The first game was against Tau, and he brought a lot of warriors and some hammerheads, along with two tactical squads and a drop pod.  It was a objective based game.
In this game he deployed in buildings and brought his Crisis suits from reserves, but during his deepstrike he mishaps and rolls a 1 and they die, but then the next turn I did the same thing with my Soul Grinder so we both had bad luck. As the game went on he blew up my horrors and one squad of Bloodletters, but my Prince and Bloodthirster blew up his hammerheads and the Bloodcrushers and Bloodletters killed his two Fire warrior squads.  At the end I won by 3 victor points, I got first Blood, in his deployment zone and kill the warlord, along with one objective while he only had two objectives, and in my deployment zone.

Win - Chaos Daemons
Kills: 24

Game Two:

Chaos Daemons vs Necrons

This game was Vanguard and heavy weapons, he had three fliers one was a doomscythe, a unit of Death Marks, 2 units of Immortals a unit of warriors and 2 Annihilation Barges, and 6 wraiths.
His wraiths managed to kill my Bloodcrushers, his fliers killed my Flamers, Bloodthirster, and horrors.
My Bloodthirster blew up his barges and my Flamers killed his death marks, my Bloodletters killed both of his immortals and my Prince killed his warriors and his HQ.
At the end of the game there was only 2 fliers and my Prince with 2 wounds on one Objective, I won 7-5, I got kill the warlord, 3 heavy supports choices and a 3 point objective.
It was a hard game and came down to turn 7 when his last flier failed to kill the Prince and move him off the Objective and table me.
The funniest part was my lone horror that snap shot Bolt of Tzeentch'd his flier and managed to hit it, pen it, and explode it.

Win - Chaos Daemons
Kills: 34

Game Three:

Chaos Daemons vs Orks

This game we played Dawn Of War and the Relic,
He brought 15 Storm Boyz, 10 Burnas, 3 Big Gunz - Lobbaz, two units of 20 boyz, 5 mega nobz and Ghaz in a Battle Wagon and 11 Lootas and Big Mek in a Trukk.
This game went very very poorly for me rolls wise and even my opponent started groaning when I rolled because it was always bad.  But I am not going to make excuses.
His Stormboyz assault my Soul Grinder and Zag managed to explode it, his Big Gunz killed both of my horror units and his Lootas and Big Mek managed to kill my Prince.  My Bloodletters died to Loota fire and two rounds of shooting from mega nobz and Ghaz.
I blew up his Battle Wagon with Vector strike from my Bloodthirster but then he shot him out of the sky with his Mega Nobz causing two wounds and then charged him.  I Challenge Ghaz but he declined, and then I killed one Mega Nob and he killed the Bloodthirster.  My unit of Bloodcrushers killed one unit of Boyz but then died to the next one.  One unit of Bloodletters killed his unit of Stormboyz, along with shooting from the Horrors.  At the end of the game I got tabled on Turn 5.
He was a really good general and knew how to play and over all won best general for the tournament.

Win - Orks
Kills: 49

It was a really fun tournament, I ended up 2-1 but the other Necron player went 3-0 and won overall.  It was a good learning experience and I think I could make some better choices in the future, in the Ork game I should have left Ghaz alone and flew my Bloodthirster against the Boys or Lootas and also run my horrors in one big group, they die far to easily when there is only 5.

I was sad about my Soul Grinder he never really did any, he died first turn every game, except the time he misshaped and died.  But my Prince and Bloodthirsters did good over all and killed a lot of units, I kept deepstriking my Flamers in the wrong spots and they never really god to do anything in any game.

Over all record: 2-1
Kills: 107

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