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40k Battle Report - Orks/Orks Vs Eldar

Orks/Orks Vs Eldar - 2200 Points (April 13, 2012)

The same Eldar player I played against in my first battle report showed up again with his friend who had 1000 points of Orks.  I suggested we play our Orks vs his Eldar as he had over 3000 points with him.  The three of us have been chatting the last few weeks after games so they agreed to a 2300 points game, but after some calculations we decided on 2200 points.  Our Organization charts are a bit off, as the Ork team has 3 HQ's but the Eldar player was ok with it.

Here are the lists:


My Orks:
24 Boyz - nob w/ pk, bp
23 Boyz - nob w/ pk, bp
10 Nobz, all different load outs with painboy, all have eavy armour and cybork bodies and stikk bombs
1 Warboss - Pk, attack squig, eavy armour, cybork bodies, shoota
5 Lootas
1 Trukk w/ red paint job
1 Deff Dread - 1 CCDW, Skorcha

Team Mates Orks:

30 Boyz - nob w/ pk, bp
1 Warboss - Pk, attack squig, eavy armour, cybork bodies, shoota
9 Tank Bustas
1 Trukk
3 Kill Kans - 3 grot zookas
Big Mek - Shokk attack Gun
10 Lootas

10 Dire Avengers
10 Harlequins (HQ was attached to this unit)
10 Wraith Guard
10 Warp Spider
10 Fire Dragons
5 Dark Reapers (one upgraded with a barrage weapon)
1 Farseer
10 Pathfinders
3 Heavy Support Weapons
1 Wave Serpent
1 Falcon

We rolled and got pitched battle and annihilation.

We won the roll and got to go first, so we deployed our forces with mostly my Orks on the left side and his on the right.

Here is the deployment:

Eldar Right Side

Eldar Left Side

Ork Left Side
Ork Right Side
View of Table

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1

Attempted to steal initiative but he failed.


We ran up all the squads of Boyz and the Nobz, I made a bad mistake by putting my Nobz on the far left side, they never get into combat this whole game.  He also moved up the Kans, Warboss and Dread. 
When shooting came around the Shokk gun targeted the warp spiders and  had a roll of double 4's and failed to kill any targets.  The lootas fired at the pathfinders and killed one.  The Kans fired the Grot Zooka's at his Dire Avengers and 3 had direct hits and it wiped out all his avengers except 2, and the tank bustas in the Trukk fired at the Avengers and killed the last two.


During his turn he fired at the Trukk with the Tank Bustas in it and got a wreck, we rolled the ram shackle chart we got a kareem and a direct hit so we moved it towards his vehicles hiding in the back. It exploded and killed 3 of the bustas who failed their pinning and went to ground.  His Wraith Guard popped out, shot at the tank bustas and then assaulted killing all but 1.
His warp spiders and reapers (who are hiding in the bastion) shot at my one squad of boyz on the left side killing all but 6, but they failed their leadership, used the boss pole, made the 6+ save and then passed leadership.

End of Turn 1 Right Side

End of Turn 1 Left Side

End of Turn 1 Eldar Side

Turn 2


The Ork trukk with the Burnas moved up but failed its difficult terrain roll and got imobilized, the boyz moved up behind it to take cover. The 6 remaining boyz ran up the left side with the nobz.  The killa kans, Dread and warboss moved up the middle and the 30 boyz started moving out from behind cover.  The killa kans moved up and had nothing to shoot at.  The shokk attack gun fired at the scorpions again but failed to kill one due a double 3 and then scattering off the table, the lootas shot at the pathfinders killing another 1. The final tank busta was killed by the wraith guard.


The wraith guard fired at the Kans and destroyed one and removed the CC weapons from the other two and then assaulted the kans.  The Fire Dragons come out of the wave serpent and the wave serpent blew up the trukk with the burnas in it and after shooting by the warp spiders only one Burna remained and he was pinned.  The reapers fired at the boyz who are now in the open and got 3 direct hits with the template and killed all but 10 boyz.  The heavy weapon plat form fired and scattered off.

Turn 2 End - Left side of the table

Turn 2 End - Middle of table

Turn 2 End - Kans vs Wraith Guard

Turn 3


Orks call a WAAAGH!!
The boyz on the right moved out and charged the wraith guard with a warboss in their unit, along with the waross in the middle.  The Boyz on the left hand side both charged the Harlequin unit with the farseer.
The Shokk attack gun fire and missed again, rolled strength 7 but scattered off, and the lootas shot at the warpspiders but failed to kill any.
The Harlequin's kill 4 boyz, the 3 boyz and the nob attack his farseer and even with fortune on him he failed all 3 wounds and his farseer died, the other boyz and nobz managed to kill 5 Harlequins. The Harlequins fail their leadership and fall back 11 inches but not off the board.  The boyz and warboss kill all of the wraith guard.


His Harlequins regroup, the dark reapers and pathfinders kill one unit of boyz on the left hand side, and the harlequins assault the other unit and finish them off.  The fire dragons fire at the Deff Dread and blow it up, with the warp spiders jumping into the crater of the Trukk and roll four 1's losing 4.  He fires and kills some more of the boyz in that unit along with the heavy weapons and falcon reducing them down to the warboss and 3 boyz.

Game End - Left side

Game End Combat in the middle

Game end Table View

Game over

We ran out of time and had to call it a game, the kill points at the end were 6 for the Eldar and 3 for the Orks.  I believe a big reason the Orks did not do so well was I stupidly put my nobz to the far left, they should have been in the middle and also 3 times the shokk attack gun fired at the warp spiders and missed all three times or failed to wound.  Overall it was a fun game and everyone enjoyed it.

Stars of the game for the Eldar I think were the Dark Reapers and Wraith Guard, the reapers killed over 40 boyz the whole game and the Wraith Guard killed the tank bustas and the Killa Kans.
The Orks stars were the 3 boyz and 1 nob who killed his farseer and the unit of 30 boyz and warboss who killed all the Wraith Guard.

Eldar Three Stars:
* Dark Reapers
** Wraith Guard
*** Heavy Weapon Unit

Ork Three Stars:
* 30 Boyz and Warboss
** 3 Boyz and Nob
*** Kill Kans

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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