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40k Battle Report - Ork vs Tryanids - Game 2

Ork vs Tryanids - 500 Points - Game 2 (March 30th 2012)

Time for some revenge!  We used the same lists as game one, and this game he also had the same mentor.  We were rushed for time this game so there is not many pictures.

Here are the lists:

18 Boyz, Nob w/ pk and bosspole
18 Boyz, Nob w/ pk and bosspole
Warboss - Pk, attack squig, eavy armour, cybork bodies, shoota
5 Lootas


3 Warriors - One with dual talons, one with cannon and 1 with a large blast shot
8 Hormagaunts - CC weapons, toxin sacs, A-Glands
10 Gargoyles
Trygon Prime - Needle weapon

We rolled and he won first turn, he set up his gaunts to the left side with his warriors in the middle and his gargoyles on the right with his Trygon in reserves.
I set up with my lootas in the back and put one squad of boyz in the middle and one squad on the right with my warboss between the two units of boyz on his own this time.
I tried to steal the initiative but failed again :(

Ork Deployment

Tyranid Deployment

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1


He moved up his gaunts and gargoyles and took shots at my unit of Boyz in the middle and killed 6.


I moved both squads of boyz up along with my warboss and took shots at the gargoyles / gaunts.  My lootas rolled a 2 and killed 2 gargoyles.  1 more gargoyle went down to shooting along with 5 gaunts, he was within synapse so he was fearless.

Turn 2


He rolled for reserves and got a 5 and tried to deep strike his Trygon between my boyz and lootas, but scatter on top of my lootas and rolled a 5 putting him back into reserves.
He moved up his gargoyles and took shots with both gargoyles and warriors at my boyz and took them down to 8, but after a moral check I managed to make my leadership of 7 with a four and a one.
He assaulted his gaunts and gargoyles into my two squad of boyz and he finished off my boyz in the middle with his gargoyles but his gaunts died after killing 4 boyz.  His gargoyles consildated 5 inches and so did my boyz.


I moved up my Warboss and also my boyz, I took shots at the gargoyles with my warboss did not cause any wounds, I shot at the warriors with my lootas and caused two wounds which he put one on two warriors.  My boyz shot at the warriors and caused one more wound.  I assaulted the warriors with my boyz and the gargoyles with my warboss.
He caused one wound to my warboss but I caused 3 back and being fearless failed both saves causing 5 to die leaving on 2.
My boyz attacked the warriors and lost 5 to their attacks, my boyz and nob attacked and my nob alone caused 3 wounds and he killed all three warriors from instant death.
I conslidated 3 inches and left him with only 2 gargoyles left on the board.

Turn 3


He rolled for reserves and failed to bring in the Trygon with a roll of 2.  He shook my hand only having two gargoyles left to fight against with my warboss with 5 attacks and a power klaw along with my lootas and my boyz.

Victory for the Orks!

Over Review

The savage Orks brutally wiped the Tryanid force off this planet:  Who dey fink day r? Dis be da Orks world not ders!

The star of the game for him was his warriors with the large blast template he managed to single handily wipe out of my squad of boyz.
The star of the game for the Orks was my squad of Boyz on the right hand side, they killed the 8 gaunts and all 3 warriors.

Ork Three Stars:
* 24 Boyz
** Warboss
*** Lootas

Tyranid Three Stars:
* Warriors
** Gaunts
*** Gargoyles

Thanks for tuning in, and remember to tune in again in the future for more battle reports!

- Brendan

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