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40k Battle Report - Orks vs Tyranids - Game 1

Orks vs Tyranids - 500 Points - Game 1 (March 30th 2012)

I found a guy who had just gotten into the hobby and had over 600 points of Tyranids, but that was with a lot of upgrades, so we agreed on a 500 point game so we could play comfortably without maxing out his units and its also a nice easy point level to play at for a entry level player.  Even though I am very to the hobby in general I have a good concept of rules, but he was still very green around the ears when it came to the rules.  He had a veteran friend help him through his first two games.

Here are the lists:

18 Boyz, Nob w/ pk and bosspole
18 Boyz, Nob w/ pk and bosspole
Warboss - Pk, attack squig, eavy armour, cybork bodies, shoota
5 Lootas


3 Warriors - One with dual talons, one with cannon and 1 with a large blast shot
8 Hormagaunts - CC weapons, toxin sacs, A-Glands
10 Gargoyles
Trygon Prime - Needle weapon

We rolled and he won first turn, he set up his gaunts to the right side with his warriors in the middle and his gargoyles on the left with his Trygon in reserves.
I set up with my lootas in the back and put one squad of boyz in the middle with my warboss attached and another unit of boyz to the right.
I tried to steal the initiative but failed again :(

Ork Deployment

Tyranid Deployment

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1


Turn 1 started out with him moving/running his gaunts up, and moving his gargoyles up as well.  He moved up his warriors and fired with the large blast weapon and scattered and only managed to kill 2 boyz.


I moved my boyz up middle and took shots at the warriors with my lootas, I rolled and got a 2 and did not cause any wounds.

Turn 2


He rolls for his Prime and gets a 5, he places it in front of my Boyz on the right hand side and rolls a direct hit. He run his gaunts up and jumps his gargoyles up, his gaunts.  He shoots with his Prime against my boyz on the right side with his Assault 12 weapon and kills 6.  He moves his gargoyles up and shoots at the boyz in the middle along with his warriors scatter weapons and kills another 5 leaving me with 11 boyz and my warboss.
He then assaults with his gaunts and gargoyles and wipes out my boyz with his gaunts alone, I kill two more gaunts with my warboss and he wins combat and over runs my Warboss, he consolidates back 5 inches with both units.


Smelling the stench of default I move my boyz towards the gargoyles and take pot shots and manage to kill 6. 
I also roll a 2 with my lootas and kill 2 gaunts, I cause a morale test for both gaunts and gargoyles because they are out of synapse, both fail and start to flee. That is about as far as I get in this game.
Loota's causing Gaunts to Flee

A shot of the board with the fleeing gaunts and gargoyles

Turn 3


His fleeing caused him to be in synapse, so they regroup 3 inches.  His warriors fire at my lootas and kill 2 causing them to flee of the board.
His Trygon shoots at my boyz and kills another 4 and then assaults them, bring them down to 6 boyz including the nob, but my boyz and nob attack back taking three wounds from the Trygon, I lost by 3 wounds but some how rolled a 3 and 1 and made my leadership.


The Trygon attacked my boyz and managed to kill the last 4 boyz as he tabled me!
End of Tryanid Turn 3, with only 4 boyz left

Game over :(

The savage and relentless Tryanids over ran the Orks.

The star for him was his gaunts, who on the charge had 4 attacks each and managed to kill and over run my group of boyz with a warboss and nob!

Star of the game for the orks was the lootas?  The killed 3 gaunts and caused them to flee???  Not much of a star if you ask me but someone has to be up there!

Ork Three Stars:
* Lootas
** 24 Boyz
*** 23 Boyz with Warboss

Tyranid Three Stars:
* Gaunts
** Trygon
*** Warriors

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for the rematch in Game 2!


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