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40k Battle Report - Orks Vs Eldar

Orks Vs Eldar - 1350 Points (March 23rd, 2012)

I played against a very nice gentlemen who brought some Eldar to the table, as this was only my fourth game I was up front with him that I am new to this and will be asking lots of questions and he was more then helpful all game.  Just remember with most of my batreps for now, I am bringing everything I have to the game so my lists are not perfect and are probably pretty bad but until I can collect more and have options I have to go with this same list every time.

Here are the lists:

24 Boyz - nob w/ pk, bp
23 Boyz - nob w/ pk, bp
10 Nobz, all different load outs with painboy, all have eavy armour and cybork bodies and stikk bombs
1 Warboss - Pk, attack squig, eavy armour, cybork bodies, shoota
10 Burnas
5 Lootas
1 Trukk w/ red paint job
1 Deff Dread - 1 CCDW, Skorcha

Eldar (from memory):
10 Dire Avengers
10 Striking scorpions (HQ was attached to this unit)
10 Wraith Guard
10 Warp Spiders
5 Dark Reapers (one upgraded with a barrage weapon)

We rolled and got pitched battle and annihilation. 

He won the roll to go first, he set up his Dark reapers on top of a building, his warp spiders and striking scorpions were behind the building, with his dire avengers and his wraith guard in another building.

I set up my Orks with my two squads of boyz in as much cover as I could, and my lootas in the back.  I put my nobz, trukk, warboss, burnas and deff dread on the far side to stay out of range of the reapers. Here is his deployment and mine.

Ork Deployment Left Side

Ork Deployment Right Side

Eldar Deployment

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1

Attempted to steal initiative but role a 5 >.> so close.


He comes out firing with his reapers and barrage weapons against my group of boyz on the far left.  He lands with his template which he then flips and gets almost another direct hit, after all is said and done about 12 of my boyz go down.
His warp spiders and dire avengers move up.


I run my boyz up as far as possible.  I also run the warboss behind the group in the middle, I put my burnas in the trukk and move 18 inches up the empty right side with my Deff Dread running and my nobz right behind him for cover.
Shooting phase I roll a 3 for my lootas and take 10 shots at the Reapers. I make 3 wounds but he makes all his saves.

Turn 2


This is were I learned that dire avengers can unload.  The warp spiders move in and the dire avengers move up. Between the warp spiders and dire avengers shooting, and the warp spiders assault my entire unit of boyz is taken out.

The reapers fire at the lootas and two go down, I make my moral check with a 3.

The warp spiders jump back as far as they can.


I continue to move my 11 remaining Boyz up the left side and and my Warboss up the middle towards the warp spiders.  While my Trukk, Deff Dread and Nobz march up the right.  

(Probably a mistake here as It would have been much more useful in later turns as I found out), I call a Waagh! so I can get my Warboss into combat with the warp spiders.  I make my rolls and so starts the combat.  He goes first and I lose one wound, I attack back and kill one spider.  I do not think I could have rolled worse, hit with 3 attacks, and then rolled two 1s.

My Lootas roll and get a 5 and fire with 6 shots against the reapers and this time I manage to kill one.
The war spiders jump away at the end of combat and my Warboss is left alone in the open.


Turn 3


He moves his dire avengers back as they can not shoot this turn, he also moves half of his wraith guard out of cover to shoot at my Nobz, along with the Dark Reapers, and manages to inflict 3 wounds, his warp spiders also shot but did no damage and jumped back.


I move my boyz on the left side up into a building for cover,  Move my Nobz and Deff Dread and Trukk up and take shots at the wraith guard killing one.  My Lootas roll a 1 and do not kill any of the Reapers, also my trukk fails to kill any.

Ork Dead Pile

Eldar Dead Pile :(

Turn 4


He starts to move his Striking Scorpion out of the back, he opens fire with wraith guard and dire avegners on my nobz and manages to inflict 3 more wounds after I make some really good armour/FnP saves.  His reapers fire at my Lootas but fail to kill any.  His Warp Spiders jump up take some shots, fail to kill anything and jump back.


This is the turn I finally get into CC and get to do some damage.  I up my Nobz, Trukk and Dread.  I use my kombi skorcha on my Nob, my Dreads skorcha and my 10 burnas on his wraith guard.  With about 70 rolls I manage to kill 6 before charging in with my nobz and finishing them all off with out losing any.
My lootas roll a one and fire at the reapers killing 1 more.

Turn 5


He jumps his Warp spiders to the side and he moved his avengers back, he fires with his avengers and with the Warp spiders kills two nobz and my pain boy.  His reapers fire at my trukk and immobilize it.  Heisstriking scorpions move up closer and also shoot at the nobz killing 1 more.


The burnas disembark from the Trukk and move up/flank out to burn the Avengers.  My nobz move up with the Dread.  Between my burnas and nob shooting I kill all but 3 avengers, and also killed 5 of his Striking Scorpions. 
My loota's roll a one again and fire at the avengers but do nothing, and my Boyz run up some more.
I assault with my Nobz and finish off the avengers and consolidate 5 inches, so I move closer to the striking scorpions.
I boxed out my Dread without thinking so he was left out of combat this turn, so he ran up instead.
Finally Something to Show for the Orks

Ork Dead Pile keeps getting bigger


Turn 6


He jumped his Warp Spiders around and shot at the Trukk again and this time managed to explode it.  He shot at my Nobz with his striking scorpions and managed to kill 1 and assaulted with him Scorpions and finished off the Nobz.  He jumped his spiders back and got ready for my Dread and Burnas.
He shot his reapers at my Lootas and killed one, they failed their test and ran off the board.


I shot my burnas and skorcha at the scoprions but failed to kill any.  
I assaulted his scorpions with my Dread and my remaining Boyz.  His HQ rolled for a physic test and made his weapon strength 9 and managed to explode my Dread.  And his scorpions finished off all of my boyz besides the nob who then ran.  My burnas assaulted the striking scorpions as wekk but were killed before being able to attack.

With only my one Nob left who was fleeing the game was over.  Well played on his part and lots of work to do on mine, but all in all a great game, we both had lots of fun and he was a respectful and helpful player.  We chatted for 20 minutes after about strategies I could use next time to help me out against Eldar.  I look forward to a rematch.

The nimble Eldar manage to out manouver the savage Orks.

It is safe to say the Eldar star was the Warp Spiders, they kill my Warboss, blew up my Trukk, killed lots of boyz and Nobz, and I only killed one.
For the Orks I would have to say the star was the burnas and the nobz.  While the burnas killed a lot of wraith guard the nobz took out all the avengers and some striking scorpions.

Eldar Three Stars:
* Warp Spiders
** Dark Reapers
*** Striking Scorpions

Ork Three Stars:
* Nobz
** Burnas
*** Deff Dread

Thanks for stopping by and reading this battle report there will be more to come in the future.

- Brendan

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