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40k Battle Report - Ork vs Chaos Daemons

Ork vs Chaos Daemons - 1000 Points - (April 21rst 2012)

I was not able to make it to the LGS this week end, so I decided to play a game against myself.  I just got my new Daemon Princes in, so I had 1000 points of both Daemons and Orks.  I set up the table with some scenery I made/collected over the years (its not very good, but I was very young when I made it, over 8 years ago).  So lets get to the lists and deployment.

Here are the lists:

24 Boyz - nob w/ pk, bp
23 Boyz - nob w/ pk, bp
10 Nobz, all different load outs with painboy, all have eavy armour and cybork bodies and stikk bombs
1 Warboss - Pk, attack squig, eavy armour, cybork bodies, shoota

Chaos Daemons:
10 Bloodletters - Icon, Instrument of Chaos
10 Bloodletters - Icon, Instrument of Chaos
Daemon Prince - Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark Of Khorne, Death Strike
Daemon Prince - Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark Of Khorne, Death Strike

I decided to play pitched battle and annihilation, Orks won the roll and got to go first.

Daemons perferred wave was the 20 Bloodletters and Skulltaker, with the second wave being the Princes.

Here is the a shot of the Armies and the deployment:

Ork Army
Daemon Army

Ork Deployment

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1

Daemons attempted to steal initiative but he failed.


The Orks ran up the board trying to spread out as much as possible and cover as much ground to make it harder for the Daemons to deepstrike in.


The Daemons rolled a 4 and got the preferred wave, I attempted to deepstrike both of the units behind the hills to give some cover for the Ork shooting, the group with skulltaker deepstriked on the far left side and landed a direct hit, the second unit deepstriked behind the hill in the middle and scattered 12 inches to the right leaving them in the open but there was no mishap.

Turn 2


The Nobz, Warboss and unit of Boyz moved up closer to the group of Bloodletters in the open and took shots at them killing 2.  Because of how far they back they scattered they were out of charge range.  The Boyz on the left side also moved up and took shots at the unit of bloodletters behind cover but failed to kill any.


I rolled for reserves and rolled a 1 and a 2 and both Princes failed to come on the board, the unit of Bloodletters with Skulltaker moved up over the cover and rolled a 5 for the difficult terrain movement and a 6 for the charge, making it the unit of boyz.  The other unit of bloodletters moved and charged into the unit of boyz in the middle, staying away from the Warboss and Nobz.

The fight in the middle saw the Bloodletters kill all the Boyz except 9, and in the return CC killed two Bloodletters.  The boyz were at 9 and some how failed their leadership, they rolled a 11, I used the bosspole, made the armour save and rerolled a 10.  They failed their leadership of 9 twice... and ran away, they were not over run with a roll of 6 and the Bloodletters rolled a 1.

The other fight with Skullertake the boyz ended with the Daemons killing 12 boyz leaving them with 12 making them fearless, I rolled 12 armour saves and made 3, leaving only 3 boyz left in combat.

Combat Results

Boyz fleeing away.

Turn 3


The boyz fleeing regroup and move up 3 inches, the warboss rolls a 5 when moving through terrain and gets out of it but the Nobz roll a 2 and are stuck.  The Warboss charges the unit of 6 Bloodletters in the middle and the group of 9 boyz fire at the bloodletters killing another 2, and then charge in.
The bloodletters go first and two attack the Warboss and two attack the Boyz.  The 4 attacks against the Warboss all hit and all wound, and the warboss only makes one 5++ save killing him...  The Bloodletters kill a few Boyz and then they die to the rest of the Boyz attacks.
The other fight sees Skulltaker kill the rest of the Boy squad with ease and move towards the unit of Boyz in the middle.


Rolled for reserves and both Princes were able to come in.  They landed within 6 inches of the Icon and did not have to roll for scatter.  The princes shot at the group of Boyz and killed 2, and then Skulltakers group charged in, killed them and then consolidated back to the princes.

The Final Show down

Daemons waiting for more fighting

Nobz gearing to go!

Dead Piles

Turn 4


Orks call a WAAAGH!!!
The Nobz finally make a good difficult terrain roll and make it out, they roll a 5 for their run and easily make the charge.  They multi-charge in the bloodletters and Princes, after the combat was done Skulltaker had one wound left and all the Bloodletters were dead, and 3 Nobz were killed from Skulltakers attacks, and a few wounds done to the Nobz while none were done to the Princes.

Combat Results after Orks Turn



Combat started again and saw Skulltaker kill one more Nobz, while the Princes caused 3 wounds, the Nobz attacked back killing Skulltaker and taking a wound from each Daemon Prince.

Casualties from Combat

Up close of Princes vs Nobz

Turn 5


The Princes attacked back killing 2 more Nobz and causing 5 wounds, the Nobz attacked back with their two power klaws and one big choppa and killed one Daemon Prince and took one wound of the other, at this point all the Nobz have 1 wound left and the Prince has 2 wounds left.  The Nobz needed to make a leadership roll of 5 not to Flee, they rolled a 8, used bosspole, made the save and rolled a 7.  The Nobz ran and were over run by the one remaining Daemon Prince.

The Lone Prince and Dead Nobz
To the Victor go the Spoils??

Game over

It was a fun game and my firs time using my Daemons, the Daemons seem to get a lot of lucky rolls at one point to completely kill the Warboss before he could even attack.  But all in all it was a fun game and came right down to the wire, if the Nobz passed their leadership it really could have gone either way.  Here are the three stars of the game for each army:

Daemon Three Stars:
*     Skulltaker
**   Daemon Prince
*** 10 Bloodletters

Ork Three Stars:
*     10 Nobz
**   23 Boyz in the middle of board
*** 24 Boyz fighting skulltaker

Skulls reaped for the skull throne: 58
Skulltaker collected:7

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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