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40k Battle Report - Ork vs Chaos Daemons - Game 1

Ork vs Chaos Daemons - 1000 Points - (April 27rst 2012)

This week I was able to make it to the LGS for a game or two, excited to play my Daemons I didn't even bring my Orks.  Turns out you can not escape the green tide, as I ran into a Ork player who agreed to play.  He made a 1000 point list (I swear it will get 1500 points soon).  He was a nice guy and the first game did not realize my Daemon list was all Khorne (I did tell him all my units and their upgrades) and he did not realize I only had two range attacks per turn so he has a few units in his list that are not going to be a big help.  Lets get to the Action.

Here are the lists:

12 Trukk Boyz - Nob w/pk, bosspole
10 Trukk Boyz - Nob w/pk, bosspole
12 Ard Trukk Boyz - Nob w/pk, bosspole
Big Mek - KFF
5 Biker Boyz - Nob w/pk, bosspole
15 Stormboyz - Nob w/pk, bosspole

Chaos Daemons:
10 Bloodletters - Icon, Instrument of Chaos
10 Bloodletters - Icon, Instrument of Chaos
Daemon Prince - Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark Of Khorne, Death Strike
Daemon Prince - Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark Of Khorne, Death Strike

We rolled off and got Pitched battle and seize ground, we rolled the D3 and got a 5 so that 5 objectives, going to be a tough game with only two troop choices.

Daemons preferred wave was the 20 Bloodletters and Skulltaker, with the second wave being the Princes.

We rolled and I won, and gave him first turn.

Here is the a shot of the Armies and the deployment:

Ork Deployment
Ork Deployment Right Side

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1


He rolled all his runs and moved up the board into the middle, making my deepstriking as difficult as possible.


I rolled a 3 and got my preferred wave, I chose to try to deepstrike them behind cover and farther back in the middle, both scattered but in a safe direction with any mishaps.

Turn 2


He rolled up with his bikers and let loose with his twin linked Dakka guns... and even with BS 5 he hit 9 times with re-rolls and ended up killing 6 Bloodletters >.> (Orks never shoot like that when I play them) He also moved up Trukks and Stormboyz but to charge my Bloodletters he would have to run into difficult terrain and did not want to risk it, so he charged with his Bikes.  In combat I wiped out 4, his nob attacked back killing one and then he failed leadership and I over ran him.  On the other side of the board he moved up his Trukks preparing for my squad of Bloodletters.


I rolled for Reserves and a 1 and a 4, so one Daemon Prince came in, I placed him on the right side near my wounded squad of Bloodletters, deepstriked without mishap because he was within 6 inches of Banner.
The prince took a shot at the Trukk and got a weapon destroyed, the Bloodletters moved up and charged into the stormboyz, and killed 5 and he killed 4 of my Bloodletters leaving 1 in combat.
On the left side my Bloodletters moved up closer to the Trukks.

Bloodletters moving up

One Remaining Bloodletter attacking stormboyz

Turn 3


On the left side he moved up his Trukks to Skulltaker's group and disembarked, he fired all his shots killing 2 and then charged in with both squads.
He then moved his last Trukk on the left side and disembarked and shot at my Daemon Prince and then charged in with his Ard Boyz, he failed to wound during shooting and then charged in, my Prince made great rolls and killed 4 boyz, he caused one wound back.  He failed his leadership and bosspole and started to flee.
My single Bloodletter attacked and failed to kill any Stormboyz and then they finished off the remaining Bloodletter.
His Orks charged into Skulltaker's group, Bloodletter went first and killed 5 from one squad and 3 from another.  He then attacked back and killed all my Bloodletters except Skulltaker.


I rolled for reserves and got a 5 so my last Daemon Prince came in, I attempted to land him near Skulltaker but he scattered away from the fight to the left 10 inches.
Skulltaker went first and attacked his Big Mek and killed him, and then died to the rest of the Orks.
My Daemon prince on the right that scatter shot at the Trukk and blew it up.
My Prince on the left side killed two Stormboyz and did not lose a wound, but they passed leadership.

Daemon Prince doing battle against Stormboyz

Trukk Explosion

Turn 4


He regrouped his Orks on the right side and charged back into my Prince who was still engaged with the Stormboyz.
While his boyz on the left charged into my other Daemon Prince.
Combat against the Stormboyz ended with the Prince killing 4 Stormboyz leaving just the Nob and he ended up fleeing, we removed him as he could not regroup and after fleeing was only 5 inches from the board edge.  While his other boyz charged in and finished off the Daemon Prince.
On the left side the other Daemon Prince killed 3 boyz, they attacked back causing no wounds.



My last model the Daemon prince on the right attacked back killing 2 boyz, they attacked and managed to kill the last Daemon prince off.  Thus ending the game.

Ork Turn 4, aftermath of Orks vs Daemon Prince
Ork Turn 4, Ard Boyz finishing off Prince
End of Turn 4, Game Over

End of Game

Game Over

I enjoyed the game, it was fun to play against someone else with my Daemons, I feel the game might have gone differently if he didn't kill 6 Bloodletters with his Dakka guns, but such is the luck of the Dice.  He played well and the Trukks movement let him get the charge which really hurt me.  His stars were the Bikers and 2 Trukk Boyz on the left side, the bikers killed 6 Bloodletters in shooting and the Trukk boyz killed 10 Bloodletters, Skulltaker and a Daemon Prince.

We had some time so we agreed to play a second game, he said he would change up his list and some stuff was useless against a Army with no shooting.  So stay tuned for game 2!

Daemon Three Stars:
*     Daemon Prince
**   Daemon Prince
*** 10 Bloodletters

Ork Three Stars:
*     10 Trukks Boyz, with Big Mek
**   12 Trukk boyz
*** 5 Bikers

Skulls reaped for the skull throne: 44
Skulltaker collected: 4

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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