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40k Battle Report - Ork vs Chaos Daemons - Game 2

Ork vs Chaos Daemons - 1000 Points - (April 27rst 2012)

So here is the rematch! He changed up his list a little bit and this time ditched his Trukks and was able to add a warboss with the points, also he removed the Kustom Force Field and got three Deffcoptas in.  Lets see how he fairs this game!

Here are the lists:

18 - Nob w/pk, bosspole
18 - Nob w/pk, bosspole
Warboss - Cybork, Eavy Armour, Power Klaw, shoota
Big Mek - Power Klaw
5 Biker Boyz - Nob w/pk, bosspole
15 Stormboyz - Nob w/pk, bosspole
3 Deffcoptas - Buzzsaws

Chaos Daemons:
10 Bloodletters - Icon, Instrument of Chaos
10 Bloodletters - Icon, Instrument of Chaos
Daemon Prince - Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark Of Khorne, Death Strike
Daemon Prince - Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark Of Khorne, Death Strike

We rolled off and got Pitched battle and annihilation.

Daemons preferred wave was the 20 Bloodletters and Skulltaker, with the second wave being the Princes.

We rolled and I won, and gave him first turn.

Here is the a shot of the Armies and the deployment:
Ork Deployment right side

Ork Deployment left side


Follow the break for rest of the battle report!


Turn 1


Hi Orks moved up into the middle of the board, being a bit more conservative then last time, holding his bikers back with the rest of the units.


I rolled for reserves and rolled a 1, so my princes are coming in, I was having a really hard time finding a place to put them so they would get charged the next turn and then I realized the whole 2x2 right side of the board was empty, so I placed my deepstrike markers there and then I saw the look on my opponents face and realized my opponent forgot about that side of the boards well.  I placed them on my side of the board and rolled his scatters of 8 and 10 inches but they did not run into and trouble and then took my shooting phase to run into a safer spot.

Orks on the left moving up

Orks on the right moving up

Daemon Princes Deepstriking in

Turn 2


He ran with all his units on the left side of the board, they were a long ways away and would not get into the fighting until the end of the game.  He moved up his Big Mek, Deffcopta and boyz on the right side. He took shots with his big shootas but did not damage to my closest Prince.


I rolled for reserves and the unit of 10 Bloodletters without Skulltaker came in and I deepstriked them behind cover near the Princes.  I then jumped over the terrain closer to the Coptas and moved the other Prince closer as well.  I took shots and did one wound.  I then charged in and did exactly 5 wounds and killed his deffcoptas.   The Ork player let out a little sigh and said he forgot they had wings and could move 12, won't forget that next time he said with a laugh.

Orks left side still moving over
Orks right side, aftermath of Deffcoptas

Turn 3


He continued to run his units on the left side of the board.  He also moved his bikers up and took shots at my Bloodletters but failed to wound, with some really bad rolling.  He moved his bikers back and shot instead of closer and charging cause he remembered what happened last game.

He charged my Prince with his Boyz and Big Mek.  I attacked the Boyz and killed 4, he then attacked back and did one wound.


I rolled for reserves and rolled a 4 so my last unit Bloodletters/Skulltaker came on.  I placed the marker and measured the distance to the banner and realized I was about 6.5 inches away, I forgot my banner was in the middle of the squad and not on the edge near my marker.  I rolled for scatter and they moved back towards my table edge and into plain sight of the bikers.

I moved my other squad of Bloodletters over and my Daemon Prince and both charged into Boyz and Big Mek, killing them all before they could attack back

Orks left side finally getting close
Skulltaker's group deepstriking into the open

Turn 4


He moved all his units on the left side up some more and was finally close enough to start doing something.  His bikers shot at my Skulltaker unit in the open and killed 2, his Stormboyz also shot and killed 1.


One Prince flew next to the bikers/Stormboyz and the other followed behind.  My unit of Bloodletters moved between them and got the charge on the unit of Stormboyz/bikers.
My Princes shot and killed one biker and did one wound to the Warboss.
I multi-charged with Skulltaker's group into the Stormboyz and bikers, with Skulltaker attacking the bikers.
I killed 1 biker and 8 Stormboyz, they attacked back and killed 5 Bloodletters.  The Stormboyz failed leadership and fleed away, they rolled a 14, I could not chase as I was in combat with the bikers.

The last remaining Boyz making their stand

Turn 5


He rolled his leadership for the Stormboyz but failed and they ran off the board with a roll of 17...
His remaining 18 boyz moved up and charged into my Bloodletters with his Warboss just behind.
I attacked with Skulltaker and killed 1 more biker leaving two but then between the boyz and bikers the rest of my Bloodletters and Skulltaker died.


My Bloodletters in the back finally were able to reach the last remaining boyz on the charge, while my Daemon Prince shot at the Warboss but failed to Wound and then charged in.  My other Prince shot at the bikers and kill 1 leaving just the Nob, who passed his leadership.
My Prince killed the Warboss, and my Bloodletters and Prince killed 11 Boyz and the remaining Biker.  But his remaining 7 Boyz were able to kill my Daemon Prince.  They failed leadership though and I over ran them, ending the game.

End of the Game

Remaining Daemons

Game Over

I enjoyed the game a little more (winning is more fun obviously), I feel the game might have gone differently if his units were more in the center of the board, his army was cut in half as he foot slogged across the board, even the Stormboyz took 3 turns to reach the action.  I got lucky and was able to wipe out his entire left side of the board on turn 2 and then regroup and get ready for the rest of the boyz coming.

His stars were the stormboyz, they were able to kill most of Skulltaker's group before being killed, and also his 18 boyz on the left side and they killed the remaining Bloodletters and a Daemon Prince.
For the Daemons I would say the star were the two Princes, they killed the Warboss, Big Mek, Deffcoptas and a lot of boyz.

Daemon Three Stars:
*     Daemon Prince
**   Daemon Prince
*** 10 Bloodletters

Ork Three Stars:
*     15 Stormboyz
**   18 Boyz
*** 5 Bikers

Skulls reaped for the skull throne: 61
Skulltaker collected: 4

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan


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