Saturday, November 17, 2012

40k Battle Report - Campaign

I decided to take a road trip to visit my buddy Charles, who has  He made up a campaign that involved his Blood Angels and my Daemons, ending in a massive Apocalypse battle.  Because we played five games I am just going to upload the pictures with captions and the victor of each battle.

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Game 1: 500 Points

 There are actually no pictures for this game because I misshapped one of my units during my first wave and only my Herald was on the board who got shot off, so he won on the first turn.  So with a win for the Blood Angels we moved on to the second game.

Victory - Blood Angels

Game 2: 1750 Poitns

In this game the board is divided into 4 sections and he had to roll on a 1-4 he deployed in a specific zone and on a 5-6 he could deploy anywere.

In this game I decided to bring a all Khorne list.


Khorne Army

Termies, Stern Guard and Assault Marines

Dread, Predator, and more Assault Marines

Rhino and Tactical Squad

Blood Angels Deployment

Guarding a objective

Bloodthirster joins the battle

More Daemons making their way into the world

Death Company getting ready to assault

Bloodthirster moving towards assault marines

Bloodletters getting destroyed

Bloodthirster and Bloodcrushers clean up the Assault Marines

One Prince stuck in combat with Death Company, while another moves towards some Blood Angels

Bloodthirster taking on a librarian

Blood Angels protecting the Objective

Game Ends, with Bloodthirster to car away to do any more damage

Victory: Blood Angels

Game 3: 2250 Points

In this game, the Blood Angels only deploy in one fourth of the table and the Daemons have to roll to see were they deep strike, 4-6 in a specific quarter and 5-6 anywere I want.  Daemons can only win if they kill all the Blood Angels

This game I decided to bring all Tzeentch list.

Tzeentch Daemons

Table we set up

Blood Angels Deployment

Blood Angels Deployment

Lord of Change engaged with Assault Marines

Screamers moving towards the Land Raider

Daemon Prince mixing it up with terminators

Screamers still moving up

Lord of Change finished with one group and moving on to the next

Lone Screamer assaulting the LR

Prince assault some terminators

Lord of Change still dealing with Assault Marines

Just the Librarian, apothecary and one marine left

Game over, all the Blood Angels are finally dead.

Victory: Daemons

 Game 4: 2250 Points

In this game, it is a Daemonic invasion, the board is divided into quarters again, but this time there is a portal in the middle that the Daemons can walk on the board from up to 6 inches, and if any Blood Angels go within 6 inches of the portal they are instantly killed.

I kept the same list for this game, while Charles changed it up a bit.

Daemon Portal in the middle of the board
Tzeentch Army

Blood Angels Deployment

Blood Angels Deployment

Daemons coming through the portal

Lord of Change swooping in from the back

Stern Guard dropping to take out the Soul Grinder

Herald of Tzeentch making his way up the board

Terminators getting ready to take on the Lord of Change

More Daemons coming through the portal

Lord of Change assaulting Terminators and the Librarian, all the Blood Angels have left

Daemons moving towards the Terminators

Daemons cleared out the Blood Angels and look for their new prey
Victory: Daemons

Final Game: Apocalypse 4000 Points +

This game is just a full out brawl with his Blood Angels and Dark Eldar and my Daemons.  But we added a twist! We decided to play Beerhammer, meaning when we finished a beer we could place it on the table, and it counts as impassible terrain that blocks line of sight.

I do not condone any tactics used in this game, as it gets dicey around turn 2 or 3 :D

Every Daemon I own, 4200 points
DE and BA Deployment

Other side of table

Blood Angels in Vehicles / reserve

Blood Angels in vehicles / reserves

Dropped a bottle to protect the Soul Grinder

Death Company getting ready to assault the Screamers

A few more bottles to protect the Soul Grinder but ended up not working

Prince assaulting some Assault Marines

two beers block Marines from my Bloodcrusher and Screamer

Bloodthirster finishing off some assault marines

Skulltaker taking on some Assault Marines after all his Bloodletters died

More bottles on the board, in a losing cause for the Daemons

Victory: Blood Angels

In the final game, the Blood Angels won, and pushed the Daemons back to the warp, finally victory and some peace for Blood Angels. 
It was a really fun week end, playing 5 games, and beerhammer was really fun, added a dynamic part to a already fun Apocalypse game, which you can not take seriously anyway.

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