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40k Battle Report - Blood Angels vs Chaos Daemons

Blood Angels VS Chaos Daemons - 1500 Points - (October 19th, 2012)

The last few weeks have been very interesting for me, I went on vacation to Tampa, and on my way back to Canada I got stuck in NY during Hurricane Sandy... So after a 5 day stop I finally made it home, so this battle report is a few weeks old but at least its going up. My opponent was a guy I met who played Blood Angels (had them painted as crimson fists).  He only had around 1500 points on him so we he made his list and I decided to bring a all Tzeentch list since I got my Pink Horrors ready to go.

Here are the lists:

Blood Angels
10 Death Company
10 Man Tac squad
10 Man Tac squad
10 Man Tac squad
5 man Dev squad
10 Assault Marines
5 Assault Marines
1 Tech Marine

Chaos Daemons:
Herald of tzeentch /w Bolt of Tzeentch (Proxying a Changeling for this game)
10 Pink Horrors /w Bolt of Tzeentch
10 Pink Horrors /w Bolt of Tzeentch
10 Pink Horrors /w Bolt of Tzeentch
2 Daemon Princes /w wings, bolt of Tzeentch and Daemonic Gaze
Soul Grinder
3 Flamers
3 Flamers
3 Flamers
3 Screamers

Changeling is proxying for a Herald of Tzeentch

Second half of Daemons

Blood Angels

BA Deployment, assault marines are in reserve

The mission we got was the Relic and vanguard deployment.  Daemons preferred wave was the two pink horror groups, one Daemon Prince and two groups of Flamers.

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1

Reserves: Rolled a 4 and got my preferred wave, I put the Daemon Prince behind the landing pad, and one group of horrors near his Death Company, and another near his Tactical squads. Some landed in dangerous terrain but I had a brain fart and just rolled my saves and four died, instead of rolling dangerous terrain rolls first...  One group of Flamers landed in the building near his Tactical squad, while another landed right next to a tactical squad.
Movement: NA
Shooting: My horrors shot at the Death Company but only managed to kill one, he made a ton of saves.  The flamers roasted a bunch of the Tactical squad and the horrors also shot leaving just 2 alive from that group but they made their leadership.  The flamers in the building killed a few marines.
Assault: NA

Blood Angels

Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved his death company closer to my horrors hoping to assault them, he also moved his vindicator over towards my smaller group of horrors and the flamers.
Shooting: He shot with his pistols from the DC at my horrors and killed one.  He also shot at my Flamers and managed to kill 2 from the group.  He shot his squad my Flamers in the building and managed to kill them all, with some good rolls on his part and bad rolls on my part.
Assault: He did not make any assaults this turn.

Marines going for the Relic

Daemons make their entrance

Turn 2


Reserves: The horrors with the Herald came in, the Soul Grinder, Daemon Prince, and screamers all came in.  The Soul grinder landed on the table edge to shoot at his Dev squad, while the Horrors with the Herald landed behind the building were his weakened Tac squad was.  The Screamers landed near the back of the board, and the second Prince landed in the middle behind his Vindicator.
Movement: The Screamers turbo boosted up the board, the pink horrors moved up a bit to do more shooting against the DC, while the other unit of 6 also moved closer to the objective in the middle. The Prince flew up on to the landing bad to engage his Tech Marine and Tactical Squad.
Shooting: The Prince shot at and blew the weapon off his Vindicator, the Horrors shot at the DC again and killed a couple more.  The Prince on the landing pad shot at the Tech Marine and his unit and managed to instant kill the Tech Marine with Bolt of Tzeentch, and killed two more marines after that.  Soul Grinder used Phlegm and killed all the Dev squad except the Captain.  The Horrors and Herald shot at the Tactical squad in the building and only managed to kill one.
Assault: The Prince assaulted the tactical squad on the landing pad, and the killed a couple.

Blood Angels

Reserves: He made both his reserve rolls, and put his 10 man squad near the pink horrors on my side and the 5 man near my unit of Horrors with the Herald.
Movement: He moved his captain closer to my Soul Grinder hoping to have a epic duel and wreck him.  He moved his DC closer to my Prince to assault him.
Shooting: He shot at my and killed a few Horrors in the building and also used a Flamer and managed to kill 4 Horrors with his assault squad.
Assault: He assaulted my Prince with his DC and managed to kill him, but not before the Prince killed 2 DC. The combat on top of the landing pad continued with the Prince killing a couple more Marines.  His Captain assaulted my Soul Grinder but died before he could attack.

Assault Marines join the party

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Brave, or Foolish Captain

Turn 3


Reserves: I made my final reserve roll and my Flamers came in and I put them next to his 10 man assault squad with Dante.
Movement: My Screamers moved up on top of the landing pad to join the combat, the soul grinder moved up a bit to try and shoot the Tac squad that remained in the building.
Shooting: My pink horrors and Flamers shot at his Assault Marines killing 4 and taking two wounds of Dante.  My other unit of Horrors with the Herald shot at his 5 man assault squad and killed 2.
Assault: I assaulted his 5 man assault squad with my horrors, so he would not get the charge and he killed 2 horrors while I killed 1 marine.  The combat with the Daemon Prince continued I killed 2 more Marines leaving one and he did one one wound to the Prince.  My Screamers tried to assault in but failed their rolls.

Blood Angels

Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved his DC up onto the platform to assault my Prince and moved his assault squad closer to my pink horrors to finish them off.
Shooting: He shot at and killed all but 2 Pink Horrors.
Assault: His assault squad killed the Pink Horrors without losing any.  The DC unit assaulted my Prince and killed him, but not before he killed one Marine.  In combat with the Horrors and the 5 man squad, he killed a couple more and lost one more Marine putting him down to one left.

Assault Marines after finishing off some Pink Horrors

Soul Grinder lumbering towards its next victim

The Assault Marine holding Own

Turn 4



Reserves: NA
Movement: The flamers jumped up next to his assault marines, the Screamers moved closer to his DC and the remaining Flamer moved up to help out in combat with the Horrors.  The group of 5 horrors moved closer to the objective.
Shooting: The Flamers used Breath of Chaos on the Assault Marines and killed all of them but Dante.
Assault: The Screamers assaulted the DC and managed to kill them but ended up losing one.  The Pink Horrors with the Herald stayed locked in combat.  The Flamers didn't want Dante to get away and help with the objective so they assaulted him and stayed locked in combat.

Blood Angels

Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved his two Marines to take the objective.
Shooting: He shot his remaining tactical marines in the building and his Marines on the landing pad at the Screamers and killed one more.
Assault: Dante killed one Flamer and they failed to do any wounds.  The pink horrors lost a couple more with the one Marine left alive.

Dante Making his Stand

Pink Horrors going for the Objective

Turn 5


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Screamers moved up to help with Dante, and the pink horrors jumped up on the landing pad.
Shooting: The pink horrors shot at and killed one Marine leaving one left.
Assault: The Screamers assaulted Dante and they finally managed to kill him, and the pink horrors assaulted the Marine on the objective and the combat was a tie.  The combat with the Herald went on without anyone dieing.

Blood Angels

Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved his vindicator over to tank shot my Screamers.
Shooting: NA
Assault: The pink horrors managed to kill the last Marine taking the objective, while the other combat stayed locked.  The vindicator tank shocked and I death or glory'd but even with armour bane my Screamer died.

The Squished Screamer

Still Locked in Combat

We rolled and the game ended, he had First Blood, while I had line breaker, kill the warlord and the objective.  It was a fun game, those Death company tore through everything they touched, with Rage now giving 5 attacks on the charge not much can stand up to them.  It was my first game with all Tzeentch and I rather enjoyed it, its fun being able to shoot almost 100 times a turn.

Game over - Final Score: Daemons - 5 Blood Angels - 1

All my units did what they were supposed to do but I foolishly let one Daemon Prince die to the DC by putting him to close, but I wanted the Vindicator dead.  If he had lived and was able to fly off I think the game would have gone a lot differently.

Blood Angels
His DC group and assault marines, wrecked me.  His DC killed over 500 points worth of models alone.  I have to learn to except that when I am playing Tzeetnch,  I'm used to Khorne units being able to fight back just as hard or harder.

The Three Stars:

Daemon Three Stars:
*    Daemon Prince
**  Flamers

Space Marines Stars:
*    Death Company
**  Assault Marines and Dante
***5 Man Assault squad.

Skulls reaped for the skull throne:52
Skulltaker collected: 0

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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