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40k Battle Report - Eldar with Dark Eldar Allies vs Chaos Daemons

Eldar with Dark Eldar Allies vs Chaos Daemons - 6th Edition - 2000 Points - (September 28th, 2012)

I went to my friend Jamie's house to play a couple of games and have a couple of beers, the first game he decided to bring out his Eldar and Dark Eldar, I just built the disk for my Herald of Tzeentch and 3 more Screamers and my Lord of Change so I decided to make an all Tzeentch list.

Here are the lists:

4 Man Jet Bike Squad
1 Farseer on Jet Bike
5 Fire Dragons
5 Swooping Hawks
10 Guardians
7 Path Finders
1 Fire Prism
1 Wave Serpent
1 Falcon
1 Razor Wing
1 Raider
10 Wyches
1 Venom
3 Truborn

Chaos Daemons
10 Horrors
10 Horrors
11 Horrors /w Changeling upgrade
6 Screamers
9 Flamers
Soul Grinder
2 Princes /w Mark of Tzeentch
Lord of Change
Herald of Tzeentch

Tzeentch Army List

Eldar and Dark Eldar Army Lists

Eldar Deployment (the pathfinders should be in the building but I took the picture before he deployed them)

We rolled off and got annihilation and hammer hand deployment.

The preferred wave for Daemons was: 20 Horrors, 3 Screamers, 3 Flamers, a Prince and the Herald of Tzeentch

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1


Reserves: The Eldar just moved up the board waiting for the Daemons
Movement: NA
Shooting: NA
Assault: NA


Reserves: Rolled a 4 and got my main wave, put the Screamers farther back in deployment zone, and landed the herald and 20 Horrors infront of his jet bikes, while the Prince came in flying in the back on his deployment zone.  The Flamers landed near the building under the Path Finders.
Movement: Turbo Boosted the Screamers up behind a building.
Shooting: I shot with my Herald, and all 20 Horrors at his Jet Bikes and managed to kill 3 and take a wound off of his Farseer, the Flamers managed to kill two Pathfinders.
Assault: NA

Daemons Landing

Eldar Deployment

Turn 2


Reserves: He made his reserve roll for his Razor Wing but failed with this swooping hawks, his Razor Wing flew on to the the board near the Horrors.
Movement: His Falcon, Wave Serpent and Jet Bikes moved up the far side away from my Prince and Screamers, and his Eldar turned to shoot the Prince, he also moved his Raider into the middle of the field.
Shooting: He Turbo Boosted with a his bikes and Falcon and Wave Serpent to create some separation   He shot with his Razor Wing at my Horrors but his large blast scatter off with both shots.  His Fire Prism shot at my other group of horrors and killed a couple, while the Venom shot at and hit the Prince but failed to wound.
Assault: The path finders assaulted the Flamers to try and tie them up so they can not do to much damage, killed 2 in overwatch and tied combat.


Reserves: I  made my Lord of Change, 3 more Screamers and the last of the Horrors reserve rolls.  The Horrors and Lord of Change came in next to the Icon and did not scatter and the Screamers came in near Falcon and Wave Serpent.
Movement: The Prince flew over to assault the Venom and the Screamers moved up to assault the Raider
Shooting: I was a little cocky in my shooting and assumed 30 or 60 shots from the horrors could wreck the raider and I could shoot the Wyctches inside with the rest of my Pink Horror's shots, but it took almost all 90 shots from three groups to kill it along with my Herald. (Lots of bad rolls) and my Lord of Change sky fired at the Razor Wing but failed to do anything.  The Prince shot and blew up the Venom.
Assault: Combat continued and I won combat by one and he failed his leadership but managed to get away.

Wrecked Raider unloaded its Wyches

Eldar trying to play hit and run

Turn 3


Reserves: He made his reserve roll for his swooping hawks, but mishapped and I got to place them on the board.  I put them right in the middle so I could shoot them next turn.
Movement: His Falcon and Wave Serpent moved up a bit the Guardians got out of the back.  His Wyches moved up to assault one group of Horrors.
Shooting: He shot with his Fire Prism at my Horrors again and only managed to kill a couple, his Guardians shot and killed my Screamers and the Falcon and Wave Serpent shot and killed a couple out of my other Screamer group. He used his swooping hawks blast and then they flew back off the board.
Assault: He assaulted my Screamers with his Wyches and finished them off.


Reserves: My other two groups of Flamers came in, and my Prince and Soul Grinder.  The Prince and two Flamer groups landed behind his vehicles near his Guardians.  The Soul Grinder landed in the back corner in my deployment zone.
Movement: The two groups of Horrors moved up closer to the Falcon, and the Lord of Change flew over towards his Fire Prism.
Shooting: The Flamers shot at the Falcon and Wave Serpent and did a couple hull points but did not wreck it.  The Soul Grinder shot and scatter off the Falcon.  The other Prince killed his 3 Truborn, and all my horrors shot at and killed his Wyches.
Assault: The Flamers assaulted the Path Finders again and managed to kill the last one.

Daemons Converging on the Eldar

Guardians are in tough

Turn 4



Reserves: His swooping hawks came in but failed to kill anything with their blast.
Movement: His Fire Prism turbo moved into the middle.  While his Wave Serpent moved towards the Soul Grinder to hopefully let his fire dragons take it down. he unloaded his fire dragons first out the back.
Shooting: His Guardians shot at my Daemon Prince and did 2 wounds, and brought him down to the ground, the fire dragons shot at the Soul Grinder but only did one hull point.
Assault: He assaulted my Prince with the guardians and the Prince killed 2 more.


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Lord of Change and horrors moved behind his Fire Prism and the Horrors and Flamers moved up to take out his Fire Dragons.
Shooting: The Flamers and Horrors killed all his fire dragons and the Lord of Change wrecked his Fire Prism.
Assault: The Prince killed 3 more guardians.

Daemons Over Running the Eldar

Victory for the Daemons

Game over - Eldar Player calls the game.

With only a few guardians, and a Falcon left with his Razor Wing back in reserves he decides to call the game.
I think he made a mistake turbo boosting all his vehicles the second turn to get away instead of just moving as far as he could while still being able to shoot, he made some bad rolls with his Razor Wing but in reality he did not get much shooting off and I only lost a couple models.  He did not take advantage of the fact I only had half my troops on the board.

Daemon Three Stars:
*     Daemon Prince
**   Horrors
*** Flamers

Grey Knights Stars:
*     Fire Prism
**   Wyches
*** Guardians

Skulls reaped for the skull throne: 39
Skulltaker collected: 0

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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