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40k Battle Report - Grey Knights vs Orks with Chaos Daemon Allies

Grey Knights vs Orks with Chaos Daemon Allies - 6th Edition - 2000 Points - (September 28th, 2012)

I went to my buddies place to play a game against his GK but this time I decided to bring my Orks, I only have around 1200 points or so, so I had to bring some Daemon Allies, but it was my first game with my Orks in a long time so I was not sure how this would go.  But who can't have fun playing with Orks so I was excited.

Here are the lists:

Grey Knights
8 Terminators
1 Land Raider
10 Intercepters
10 Purifiers w\ halbreds, hammers and psycannons
10 Purifiers w\ halbreds, hammers and psycannons
Dreadnaught w\ two auto cannons
Dreadnaught w\ two auto cannons
2 Rhinos

Orks\Chaos Daemons:
30 Slugga Boys w\ Nob with Power Klaw, boss pole
12 Slugga Boyz w\ Nob with Power Klaw, boss pole
1 Trukk
10 Burna Boyz
5 Lootas
Warboss w\ Power Klaw, Twin Linked Shoota
10 Nobz, w\ pain boy, and assorted Power Klaw and Big Choppas
1 Deff Dread w\ Heavy Skorcha

11 Pink Horrors w\ Changeling and Bolt of Tzeentch
3 Screamers
3 Bloodcrushers - Fury of Khorne
Soul Grinder w/ Phlegm

Daemon Allies

Ork Army

GK Deployment

Ork Deployment Left

Ork Deployment Right

We rolled off and got The Relic and Dawn of War deployment.

The preferred wave for Daemons was: Soul Grinder, Screamers, and Pink Horrors.  The second wave was Bloodcrusher and the Skulltaker.

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Gk's moved up the board to take some shots at the Orks.
Shooting: The Dreadnoughts shot at the 30 Ork Boyz killing a few and the LR shot and did a wound to the Nobz.
Assault: NA


Reserves: I rolled off and got a 2 so Skulltaker and the Bloodcrushers come in. Skulltaker misshaped and went back into reserves, while the Bloodcrushers landed on the far right behind a building.
Movement: The Orks all moved up the board and the Trukk drove up and then turbo boosted up a bit farther.
Shooting: The Loota's shot the Rhino on the right side and managed to wreck it.
Assault: NA

Orks Moving up the board

Hoard of Boyz

Turn 2


Reserves: NA
Movement: The terminators got out of the LR and took the objective, the Interceptors jumped up in front of the Nobz trying to block them off from the LR and the last Rhino moved up and the purifiers got out to shoot at the Boyz. 
Shooting: The terminators and LR shot at the Burnas and killed them all.  The Purifiers on the left side shot at and killed a large number of Boyz, after the shooting he moved the Rhino back in the way of the Purifiers.  The Dreads shot at and blew up the Deff Dread and the Purifiers on the right side shot at and blew up the Trukk.
Assault: The Purifiers assaulted the Boyz that were in the Trukk and killed all but 3 while the Boyz killed 3.


Reserves: The only roll I made out of reserves was for the Soul Grinder.  He deep striked near the Dreads.
Movement: The Boyz on the left side moved up and got ready to attempt to assault the Purifiers on behind the Rhino.  The Nobz and Warboss fanned out at much as possible so they could attempt to multi-assault the LR and Interceptors. 
Shooting: The Loota's shot at but failed to do anything to the Dreads, the Soul Grinder used Phlegm on the Purifiers behind the Rhino and killed all but 2.
Assault: The Nobz and Warboss assaulted the interceptors and LR and the Warboss blew up the LR while the Nobz killed 5 Interceptors while losing one.  The Bloodcrushers were able to assault into the on going combat on the right side.  The Purifiers killed all the Boyz while the Bloodcrushers killed a few Purifiers leaving on 3 left.

Combat with the Nobz

Whats left of the Ork Boyz

Turn 3


Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved up his terminators to get ready to assault into the combat between the Nobz and Intercetpors.  Also he moved Crowe out towards the Bloodcrushers.
Shooting: He shot his Dreads at my Soul Grinder and wrecked him, he also shot his remaining Purifiers at the Boyz on the right side.
Assault: The Purifiers assaulted into the Boyz and killed several, while the Boyz attacked back and only killed 1, leaving one Purifier alive and 2 Boyz and the Nob.  The combat on the left side ended with the Bloodcrushers finishing off the last few Purifiers.  The Terminators and Nobz combat started, and the Terminators killed 4 Nobz and the Warboss because of the Thunderhammer which caused instant death.  The Nobz managed to kill 2 of the Terminators leaving 5.


Reserves: The Screamers and Skulltaker came in and they landed in the GK deployment zone.
Movement: The Bloodcrushers moved up and got ready to assault into the Terminator combat.
Shooting: The Lootas shot at and managed to wreck one of the Dreads.
Assault: The Bloodcrushers failed their charged so they could not get in combat with the Terminators.  The combat between the Nobz and Terminators ended with the terminators killing the rest of the Nobz except two, but the Nobz failed leadership and started to run off the board, but the Nobz managed to kill one more leaving 5 left.  The combat with the Purifiers on the left side with the 2 Boyz and the Nob ended with only the Nob left.

Screamers and Skulltaker coming in, and the terminators were victorious.

The lone Nob looking for another scrap.

Turn 4



Reserves: NA
Movement: The Terminators moved up to get ready to assault the Bloodcrushers.
Shooting: The Dreadnought shot into the Loota's and killed two but they passed their leadership.  The terminators shot into the Bloodcrushers causing a wound.
Assault: Crowe assaulted into the Screamers and took a defensive stance, the Screamers did one wound.  The terminators assaulted the Bloodcrushers and managed to kill one without losing any.


Reserves: The Pink Horrors came in and I placed them on the left side of the board.
Movement: Skulltaker moved up to assault Crowe, while the Nobz failed their leadership and ran back a bit farther.
Shooting: The Loota's shot at the Dreadnought but failed to do anything.
Assault: The terminators killed one more Bloodcrusher, without losing any Terminators.  Skulltaker and the Screamers failed to do any wounds to Crowe.

The last Bloodcrusher in the combat

Skulltaker and the Screamers kill working on Crowe.

Turn 5


Reserves: NA
Movement: NA
Shooting: The Dreadnought shot at the pink horrors but failed to kill any.
Assault: The Screamers finally killed Crowe and Crowe passed his leadership and used his physic ability to remove a model in base to base from the board and he removed Skulltaker.  The terminators failed to kill the last Bloodcrusher but he failed to do any wounds.


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Screamers moved up towards the terminators, and the Pink Horrors moved up closer Dreadnought.
Shooting:  The Pink Horrors shot Bolt of Tzeentch at the Dreadnought, and the Loota's shot at the Dread as well but both failed to do anything.
Assault: The Screamers made their roll and were able to assault into the Terminators.  The combat continued and the terminators did one wound to the Screamers and the Screamers and Bloodcrushers killed 3 of the terminators.

Combat continuing with the Terminators

Turn 6 ?

We rolled a 4 so the game continued.


Reserves: NA
Movement: NA
Shooting: The Dreadnought shot at the Loota's but failed to do anything.
Assault: The Screamers and Bloodcrushers finished off the terminators, while the terminators killed the last Bloodcrusher.


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Pink Horrors moved towards the Dreadnought and the Screamers also moved up and turbo boosted to the base of the building.
Shooting: The Pink Horrors and Loota's failed to do anything to the Dreadnought.
Assault: NA

Turn 7: ??

We rolled a 5 and the game continued.


Reserves: NA
Movement: NA
Shooting: The Dreadnought shot at the Pink Horrors and killed one.
Assault: NA


Reserves: NA
Movement: The screamers moved up into the building.
Shooting: NA
Assault: The Screamers assaulted the Dreadnought and managed to explode it.

Game over - Final Score Orks\Daemons tabled the Grey Knights.

The Orks and Daemons managed to table the Grey Knights, the Nobz were a huge force in the middle of the board and soaked up a ton of fire and managed to explode a LR and kill all the Interceptors along with tar pitting the terminators for a few turns.  The Screamers did a lot of work as well by taking out Crowe, the last of the Terminators and the last Dreadnought.  Being able to turbo boost is a huge mobility advantage for the Daemons who are normally lacking in that department.
The Grey knight made some bad rolls and made a big tactical mistake by not running away with the Relic when the terminators had it, but instead charging the Nobz which let other units catch up and get into the fight.  After talking with my buddy he thinks he could have run and gunned them for a turn or two doing more damage that way and keeping the Relic away from my troops.  We both learned something which will help us in later games.

Ork\Daemon Three Stars:
*     Screamers
**   Nobz
*** Bloodcrushers

Grey Knights Stars:
*     Terminators
**   Dreadnoughts
*** Purifiers

Skulls reaped for the skull throne:44
Skulltaker collected: 0

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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