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40k Battle Report - Space Marines vs Chaos Daemons

Space Marines VS Chaos Daemons - 1750 Points - (September 14th, 2012)

Here are the lists:

I have been sitting on this battle report for two weeks now, between work and travel I have not had much time to update it, but finally here it is, lets not waste any time and go right into the lists.

Space Marines

Land Raider
5 Devastator Squad
10 Man tactical squad
10 Man Tactical squad
10 Man Sniper Squad
6 Man Terminator Squad - w/Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields
Rhino w/ Assault Cannon
Storm Talon Gunship
Space Marine Captain

Chaos Daemons:

Daemon Prince - Mark of Tzeentch with wings, Bolt of Tzeentch and daemonic gaze
Soul Grinder - w/ Phlegm
6 Flesh Hounds - /w Karanak
3 Screamers
5 Bloodcrushers - w/ Fury of Khorne
10 Bloodletters - w/ Icon, Fury of Khorne
10 Bloodletters - w/ Fury of Khorne
11 Pink Horrors - w/ Changeling, Bolt of Tzeentch
3 Flamers
3 Flamers

Daemon Army

Space Marine Army

We rolled off and got capture and control, I won the roll and let him go first, for the warlord traits I managed to rerolls for my reserve rolls :)

Daemons preferred wave was the 10 Bloodletters, Daemon Prince, Soul Grinder, Screamers, Flamers, Flesh Hounds, Second wave was Flamers, Skulltaker, 10 Bloodletters, 11 Pink Horrors and Bloodcrushers.

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: He re positioned his vehicles and troops waiting for the Daemons to arrive.
Shooting: NA
Assault: NA


Reserves: Rolled a 3 and got my preferred wave.  When deepstriking, my Flesh Hounds, Bloodletters and Screamers all mishapped.  The Screamers and flesh hounds went back into reserve and he put my Bloodletters in front of his Land Raider.  My Prince landed safely behind a building and my Soul Grinder scattered into the middle.  My flamers landed safely next to his unit of Tactical Marines in the open.
Movement: NA
Shooting: Breath of Chaos wiped out 6 Marines and put a wound on his Captain, I shot at his Snipers with my Soul Grinder but failed to do any wounds.
Assault: NA

Bloodletters were put in the open

Daemon Prince and Soul Grinder

Damage the Flamers Did

Turn 2

Space Marines

Reserves: He made his reserve roll for his Gunship and put it in the middle in front of my Soul Grinder.
Movement: He took his terminators out of the LR and his Tactical marines out of the Rhino to try to shoot down my Flamers.
Shooting: He rapid fired his 10 man squad and his remaining 4 marines at my Flamers, he also shot with his Auto Cannon and his Snipers.  He only managed to do 3 wounds as I ended up making 5 of 7 saves with their 5++.  Very luck on my part. He also shot his dev squad at the Soul Grinder and did one Hull Point to it, he also shot his  LR at my Bloodletters and killed a few, his Stormtalon failed all its rolls against the Soul Grinder.
Assault: He assaulted his terminators into my Bloodletters and killed the rest, which also gave him First Blood


Reserves: I made all of my reserve rolls except for the pink horrors and the flamers that were put back into reserves.  I put the screamers at the back of the table to keep them safe.  The Bloodcrushers I put in front of his Rhino in the middle of the table and the Bloodletters with Skulltaker I put on my objective.  My flesh hounds landed in a building in the back corner of his table.
Movement: I put my Prince in gliding mode and flew him up to his Rhino with the auto cannon.  I moved my Soul Grinder up and the Flamers re-positioned to attack his remaining Tactical Marines.
Shooting: The Prince shot at his Rhino but failed to do any damage, my Soul Grinder shot again at his Snipers and killed 1.  The Flamers used Breath of Chaos on his remaining Marines and managed to wipe them out.  The Screamers turbo boosted up the board behind a building.
Assault: The Prince assaulted the Rhino and managed to explode it.

Flesh Hounds finally landed, along with the Bloodcrushers

Skulltaker holding the objective while the Screamers advance forward

Aftermath of Prince and the Flamers

Turn 3

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: He tried to move his LR towards my Soul Grinder but rolled a 1 and immobilized himself, he moved his Tactical Marines up to try to take out the remaining Flamers and he also moved up his Terminators.  His Stormtalon moved forward to try and shoot the Bloodletters off the Objective.
Shooting: He shot his 10 Tactical marines into the Flamers and finished them off.  He shot his snipers into my Daemon Prince and did one wound.  His Dev squad shot at my Soul Grinder and did another hull point, and his Stormtalon killed two Bloodletters.
Assault: NA


Reserves: I failed my Reserve rolls for the Horrors but my other 3 Flamers arrived.  I placed them hear the snipers and got a direct hit.
Movement: I moved the screamers up to assault his LR, and moved the Flesh Hounds out to assault the Dev squad.  The prince flew over in front of his Tactical Marines and the Soul Grinder moved closer to the Dev squad.
Shooting: The Prince shot both weapons at the Tactical squad and killed 3, the Flamers used Breath of Chaos on the snipers and wiped them out.
Assault: The Prince assaulted the Tactical Marines and the Screamers assaulted the LR, the Bloodcrushers assaulted his Rhino and the Flesh hounds were able to assault the Dev squad.  Because the LR was immobilized all attacks were auto hits and with strength 5, ap2 armour bane attacks I managed to explode it. The prince killed 2 more Marines leaving 5 remaining.  The Bloodcrushers exploded the Rhino and the Flesh Hounds killed 2 of the Dev squad while losing 1.

Screamers destroying LR and Flesh Hounds scaling the building to assault the Dev Squad

Stormtalon hovering over Bloodletters

Turn 4


Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved his terminators into position to assault my Screamers, and dropped his Stormtalon down to hover mode.
Shooting: He shot again at my Bloodletters killing 1 more.
Assault: He assaulted my Screamers with his terminators, the screamers managed to kill one terminator before being wiped out.  Combat continued with the Prince and killed one more Marine while taking a wound bringing him down to 2.  The flesh hound combat continued and they killed one more while loosing one more.


Reserves: The pink horrors finally came in, and I placed them in the back near the Storm Talon.
Movement: I moved the Flamers closer to the Terminators and also moved my Bloodcrushers closer.  My Soul Grinder started to move back to the Storm Talon.
Shooting: I shot my Horrors at the Storm Talon and failed to do anything.  My Soul Grinder shot his Phlegm at the Storm Talon and managed to explode it.
Assault: Combat continued with Prince and he killed 3 more finishing off the squad. The Flesh Hounds finished off the Dev squad leaving 3 Flesh Hounds alive including Karanak.

The Remaining Space Marine Terminators

Turn 5

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved his terminators up farther to try to get line breaker and get to my objective.
Shooting: NA
Assault: NA


Reserves: NA
Movement: I moved all my units towards his terminators.
Shooting: The Horrors shot and managed to kill one terminator.  The Flamers failed to kill any terminators with Breath of Chaos.
Assault: I assaulted the terminators with my Soul Grinder and Flamers, but did not kill any, he attacked the Soul Grinder and did one more hull point.

Daemons assaulting the remaining Space Marines

Overview of the hoard of Daemons left running Rampant

Turn 6 ???

We rolled and the game continued.

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: NA
Shooting: NA
Assault: He attacked my Soul Grinder again and managed to wreck it with his thunder hammers.


Reserves: NA
Movement: I moved all of units closer to the Terminators.
Shooting: NA
Assault: I assaulted his terminators with my Flesh Hounds and my Daemon Prince, and finally managed to kill them all, tabling the Space Marines.

The Prince and Hounds finished the job.

Game over - Final Score: Daemons - 5 Space Marines - 1

I got very unlucky with my reserve rolls at the start but I got very lucky that my opponent had even worse rolls during his first turn of shooting.  Over all I made some lucky saves and he failed a lot of shots.  The Screamers worked very well and against any other vehicle would be devastating  but I got lucky that the LR was immobilized so all my attacks were auto hits.

Space Marines
He had some very unlucky rolls that really crippled him early, I think his LR would have been better off in the middle because the terminators were stuck on the side once the LR was immobilized.  They could have been a huge help to take out the Bloodcrushers and the Prince.

The Three Stars:

Daemon Three Stars:
*     Flamers
**   Prince
*** Screamers

Space Marines Stars:
*     Terminators
**   Storm Talon
*** Devastator Squad

Skulls reaped for the skull throne: 46
Skulltaker collected: 0

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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