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40k Battle Report - Space Marines vs Chaos Daemons

Space Marines VS Chaos Daemons - 2250 Points - (November 17th, 2012)

A few weeks ago a buddy and I decided to play a bigger game so we decided on a 2250 point game, and he wanted to try out a fortress of redemption so we decided on the extra points to make game that much more bloody.

Here are the lists:

Space Marines
Fortress of Redemption
Land Raider
10 man Tactical Squad
7 man Command Squad
1 Captain
Drop pod
5 Man Dev Squad
10 man Tactical Squad
5 man Terminator Squad
Bike Squad

Chaos Daemons:
Lord of Change
3 Screamers
3 Screamers
3 Flamers
4 Bloodcrushers
10 Bloodletters
10 Bloodletters
10 Bloodletters
10 Pink Horrors
10 Pink Horrors
10 Pink Horrors
Soul Grinder

We rolled off and got the Relic, and Vanguard deployment, I won the roll and went first.

Daemons preferred wave was the Bloodthirster, 10 Pink Horrors, 10 Bloodletters, 3 Screamers, 3 Flamers and the Bloodcrushers.

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1


Reserves: I rolled and got a 3 so my main wave, I put my Bloodthirster, pink horrors and Screamers on the left side of the board, the Bloodcrushers in the middle behind cover and the Bloodletters on the right side.  The Flamers tried to land in front of the fortress but mishapped and I rolled a one and they were destroyed.
Movement: NA
Shooting: I turbo boosted and ran my units to get into cover.
Assault: NA

Space Marines

Reserves: His Drop pod came in and his Veterans came out the back.
Movement: He moved his LR, Rhino and Bikes into the middle of the board towards the Relic.
Shooting: He shot at my Bloodletters killing a few and also shot at my pink horrors killing one.
Assault: NA

Daemons Deep Striking In

Bloodletters taking cover

Turn 2


Reserves: I made everyone of my reserve rolls and that is without having my Warlord trait for rerolls. I dropped the Pink horrors, Bloodletters and Soul Grinder around the Bloodcrushers in the middle, the Screamers landed on the right side.  The lord of change came in on the left side around the Bloodthirster.
Movement: I flew the Bloodthirster towards the Fortress and moved all my troops into the middle of the field.  The Screamer turbo boosted to the back side of the fortress.
Shooting: The soul grinder shot at the Veterans but scattered off, the pink horrors shot at and killed one Biker, the other group of Horrors killed most of the Tactical squad that was in the Rhino.
Assault: My pink horrors came out and assaulted the bike squad, keeping them in combat.

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved everything closer to the relic in the middle and moved his Dread and Termies out from behind the Fortress.
Shooting: He shot at my Bloodthirster with his Tactical squad, the fortress and his termies and managed to kill him even though he was flying.  Also he shot at and killed 2 of my 3 Screamers on the right side and shot at and killed all the screamers that were on the left side.
Assault: His command squad got out and assaulted one unit of Bloodletters and killed all but 3.  The combat with the bikes continued and he managed to kill one pink horror.

Mayhem in the middle

Bloodletters eyeing some Marines

Turn 3


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Bloodletters moved up closer to the Tac Squad that came out of the Fortress, the Lord of Change jumped into the middle of the board to assault the LR and the pink horrors moved up to shoot at the Terminators.
Shooting: Pink horrors shot at the Termies and did 10 wounds, he then rolled 5 ones and lost all of his terminators in one round of shooting.  The lord of change shot at and did nothing to the LR.
Assault: Bloodletter squad on the right side assaulted his tactical squad and wiped them out, and the Screamer assaulted the fortress with the missile barrage gun and failed to do anything.   While the other pink horros squad in the middle and the other Bloodletter squad all assaulted the Command squad and killed all but one Marine, the captain and the apothecary.

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved his Dreadnough up to shoot at the pink horrors, and moved his verteran squad over to shoot at the Bloodletters near the fortress.
Shooting: The LR shot at the Lord of Change along with the Fortress and did 3 wounds to him, while the verterans picked off a couple of the Bloodletters leave 3 left.
Assault: The Dread assaulted the Pink Horrors to keep them in combat.  The Bloodletters and Pink Horrors managed to finish off the Command Squad and the Captain.

The Relic is under the LR, but the Daemons are making their psuh

Fortress being Assaulted

Turn 4



Reserves: NA
Movement: Lord of Change moves to the side of the LR to get ready to assault it, while the Bloodcrushers move towards the Veterans, the Screamer moves over the fortress to assault to area with the Marines in it.  The Soul Grinder moves to the side to shoot at the fortress with the Marines in it as well.  The Bloodletters and pink horrors from the combat in the middle start to spread out.
Shooting: The Soul Grinder uses Phlegm on the Marines in the fortress and killed a few.
Assault: The Lord of Change assaults the Land Raider immobilizing it and taking off two hull points. The Screamer assaults the bastion but fails to do anything damage.  Combat with the bikes and pink horrors is still stalled in the middle.  The Bloodletters assault his Veteran squad and kill 3 leaving two left.

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: He moves his remaining marines from the LR to shoot at the Lord of Change.
Shooting: He shoots at but fails to wound the Lord of Change.
Assault: The combat with the Dreadnough, the Bikers and both groups of pink horrors continues with the horrors losing one unit a turn. The Bloodletters finally finish off the veterans.

Daemons Starting to Spread out

Bloodletters finished off the Veterans

Screamer trying to destroy the building

Turn 5


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Lord of Change flies over to the other side of the LR to get away from the fortress, and the Bloodletters move towards his tactical squad.
Shooting: The Soul Grinder shoots at and kills a few more marines in the Fortress.
Assault: The Screamer assaults again and managed to Pen the building and roll a 6 but because hes AP 2 its a 7 which wrecks the building and the gun.  The lord of Change assaults the LR and gets auto hits and manages to explode it.  Also the Bloodletters assault the remaining tactical squad members and finish them off.

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: The Marines from the building move up.
Shooting: The Marines try to shoot some Bloodletters off the Objective, but only kill a couple.
Assault: The combat with the Dreadnought and the pink horrors continue and so does the combat with the Bikes and the Pink Horrors.

Bloodletters holding the Objective

The last of the Marines and the Fortress.

Game over - Final Score: Daemons -  5 Space Marines - 1 

The Three Stars:

Daemon Three Stars:
*     Lord of Change
**   Pink Horrors
*** Bloodletters

Space Marines Stars:
*     Tactical Marines
**   Fortress of Redemption
*** Veterans

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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