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40k Battle Report - 6th Ed Chaos Daemons Vs Dark Angels Game 1

Dark Angels VS Chaos Daemons - 2000 Points - (March 12th, 2013)

I visited my friend after I had a chance to look over and decide what I wanted to do with the new Daemon Codex.  For the first game I brought a ton of HQ's because that seemed to be the way they wanted it played, but I think I ended up bringing to many and playing the army the complete wrong way cause this game did not end well for me. I did get pictures for this game but I lost them some how.  I decided to go back to my one love and play a Khorne army again.

Here are the lists:


Bloodthirster - 50 points rewards
2x Herald of Khorne - 30 points rewards, locus of wrath
16x Bloodletter - Reaper upgrade, 20 points rewards, Instrument of Chaos
16x Bloodletter - Reaper upgrade, 20 points rewards
16x Bloodletter - Reaper upgrade, 20 points rewards
4 Bloodcrushers - Hunter upgrade, 20 points rewards, Icon of Blood
8 Flesh Hounds
Soul Grinder - Phlegm upgrade Mark of Khorne
Skull Cannon

Dark Angels:

7 Terminators
5 Terminators
10  Marines with Drop Pod
10 Marines with Drop Pod
10 Marines with Drop Pod
3x Bike Squad
3x Bike Squad
Nephilim Fighter

We rolled off and got The Relic and Dawn of War.

I kept one unit of Bloodletters in reserve, along with the Skull Cannon, Soul Grinder and Bloodthirster.

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1

Dark Angels

Reserves: His Terminators came in and his drop pods with both tactical marines.
Movement: He moved his bikes up.
Shooting: He shot and killed all but 2 from one unit of Bloodletters and he also did a few wounds to another one.  He also shot with his one missile launcher and hit and instant killed one of the Bloodcrushers.
Assault: NA


Reserves: NA
Movement: I moved the everything up and got into charge range for the Bloodcrushers.
Shooting: NA
Assault: I assaulted a tactical marine unit with my Bloodcrushers but because of over watch and going through terrain I lost one before, and took 1 wound on another before it was my turn, I only managed to kill 2 and lost combat, I rolled very high for my instability and ended up losing the rest of the Bloodcrushers.

Turn 2

Dark Angels

Reserves: He made all his rolls and the last drop pod of 10 marines came in and his Flyer.
Movement: He moved everything around into better position, and grabbed the Relic with his bikes.
Shooting: He shot and killed the rest of the squad and all but 5 and Skulltaker of the other squad of Bloodletters.  He also picked off some more Flesh Hounds leaving them with 5 left.
Assault: NA


Reserves: I failed all my reserve rolls except the Skull Cannon.
Movement: I moved the hounds up and Bloodletters up to assault.
Shooting: The cannon fired and hit a unit of Marines to get the token on them.
Assault: I got the Bloodletters into combat with the Marines and the Hounds into combat with a unit of bikes.  Skulltaker killed a captain, but Azrael and the marines killed the remaining Bloodletters while only losing 2, and Skulltaker died to a instability test.  The Hounds kill the unit of Bikes.

Turn 3 - Dark Angels Win

I called the game because I only had the cannon left and 4 Hounds who were in charge range of his Terminators, also in shooting range of several other units.  I got utterly destroyed in my first game with the new codex... Not the start I wanted but its a learning curve that is for sure.

This game taught me a valuable lesson.. get away from Deepstriking with a Khorne army, and don't take so many HQ's... I had over 700 points in my HQ's and they ended up doing nothing.  Also with all my big hitters in reserve it was easy for him to shoot my weaker troops to pieces leaving me with nothing.  It could have gone differently if I made some 3+ reserve rolls but that just seemed to be how the night was gonna go. I think the overall effectiveness of deepstriking with a khorne army is low, with so many fast units like Calvary and beasts and FMC you do not really need to deepstrike.  Also playing against Dark Angels with about 75% of their army right in your face on turn 1 you need as much as you can on the board so you can have something to hit back with.

I took what I learned and applied to my next game we played a few days later.

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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