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40k Battle Report - 750 point 6th Edition Tournament

40k Battle Report - 750 Point Tournament

My local GW was holding a 750 point 40k tournament, so I decided to sign up with my Eldar.  The tournament brought I believe 16 people or more.  The rules were simple same FoC as usual and they would dicate the missions.

There were three different Tau armies, a Chaos Space Marine army, Dark Angels, Space Marines, Eldar, two Dark Eldar, and Imperial guard.  I can not remember the rest of them.

Here was my list:

Farseer - Spirit Stones, Runes of Witnessing, Guide, Fortune, Singing Spear
10 Dire Avengers - Exarch, Dual S-Cat and Bladestorm
5 Fire Dragons
5 Pathfinders
Wave Serpent - Spirit Stones, Scatter Lasers
Wave Serpent - Spirit Stones, Scatter Lasers, S-Cannon

The action was pretty fast paced with it only being 750 points and they wanted to get 4 games in so there was no time for pictures.

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Game 1

The first game I played was against Dark Angels Raven Wing

He brought:
Command Squad
3 Bikes
6 Bikes
1 Attack Bike

We played Emperors Will with the objective in our deployment zones.  

He won the roll and got the side with almost all of the terrain and he won the roll to go first which left me in a pickle.

He left 3 bikes and the attack bike in reserve.

He moved up his command squad and Sammael, he did not have a shot at any of my vehicles as they were hidden behind the one building I had but he did use his flamers on the Pathfinders and killed 3 but they passed their leadership.  He left 3 bikes in the back on his objective.
I moved up my Wave Serpents and got out my Fire Dragons, I shot and managed to kill 2 of his command squad.

His reserves came on the left side trying to flank my dire avengers, they shot but failed to damage the Wave Serpent. While Sammael and his group killed 2.

The fire Dragons shot and killed his attack bike, while my Dire Avengers got out and shot at his other unit of Bikes on the left and with the Snipers managed to kill them.

Sammael and the command bike that was left assaulted my Dire Avengers and challenged my Farseer.  I had fortune on him so he was fine through the first round and my Dire Avengers managed to kill his last bike.

Another round of combat continued and the farseer survived again thanks to rerolls.  My Fire Dragons got in the Wave Serpent and moved up to attack the objective, while my Rangers started to move towards my Objective.

Combat continued and he brought the Farseer down to 1 wound while the Wave Serpents shot and killed one of the bikes on the objective.

Final round and Sammael finally killed the Farseer, my Pathfinders got to the objective and my fire dragons got into his deployment zone.  

The Game ended on turn 5.

Final Score: Eldar 5 Dark Angels 4

I had first blood and line breaker while he had Slay the Warlord.

Game 2

This game was against a Imperial Guard Player

His list was:
Two infantry blogs
Command Squad
Storm Troopers

This game was crusade I think (what ever the 5 objective game is).

His army was as far to the back as possible so I moved my wave serpents up the side to get into range.

He used his orbital bombardment and his Manticore but failed to damage the Wave Serpents.

Again I moved up to his side and behind a building.  My snipers killed a couple from his blob.

He shot again and managed to glance one of them.

I moved up and shot at the side of the Manticore's armour but failed to do anything.

His vendetta finally come on and this time he managed to blow up the Wave Serpent with the fire dragons in it and take the other one down to one hull point. 

The Fire Dragons moved up and managed to immobilize his skimming Vendetta and my other Wave Serpent failed his Dangerous Terrain test, immobilized himself and wrecked. The Dire Avengers got out and shot his stormtroopers and killed all but 2.

He shot his last shot from the Manticore and killed 6 of my Dire Avengers and his unit got out of his Vendetta and killed 2 more leaving the Farseer, Exarch and 1 other Dire Avenger left.  He also killed my Fire Dragons.

The game was looking bad for me, I had 8 models left and I only killed a few of his.  I had two objectives and he only had 1 at this point and it was the bottom of 5.

We rolled and the game continued.
I moved my units behind cover in the building holding the last objective and shot and killed the last of his storm troopers. 
His Blob had to start moving up the board to the objectives and he started to run.  If the game ended now it he would win, because he had two objectives and he was contesting the other one, while I only had one and he has first blood.

We rolled and the game continued.

He moved his guys up closer to my Farseer, Exarch and the objective. 

I moved them out and Blade stormed his unit, I had to kill to take him off the objective to Tie the game which I actually managed to do thanks to re-rolls from guide.  

The game ended on turn 7 and it was a tie, we both had two objectives and I had line breaker and he had first blood.

Game Over: Eldar - 7 Imperial Guard - 7

Game 3

The next game was against a Space Marine player.

His list was:

2 Predators with Auto Cannon
10 Man tactical squad
10 Man tactical squad
1 Librarian
1 Space Marine Captain
2 Land Speeders

This was purge the Alien so it was just kill points.

I won the roll and got to go first.

I moved my vehicles up the side I shoot shots with the pathfinders but he made his saves.

He moved his units up and took shots at my Wave Serpents but failed to do anything.

I moved up again and got out my fire Dragons and shot at one of his Predators and but only managed to immobilize it.  The Wave Serpent shot and managed to blow up both of the Land Speeders.

His shot back and killed my Fire Dragons he also shot but failed to hurt my Pathfinders.

I moved my Wave Serpent up to the side of his Predator and also got my Dire Avengers out and shot at his Marines and managed to kill all but 4.  The Wave Serpent did another hull point to the Predator.

He shot at and killed a few of my Dire Avengers and failed to damage my Wave Serpents again.

This time the Wave Serpents managed wreck both of the Predators by hitting the side armour.  And the Dire Avengers along with the Pathfinders killed all but 1 Marine and he failed his leadership.

His only unit left was his Librarian unit which was on the other side of the board, he used his teleport physic ability and popped up behind Dire Avengers but because of the deep strike could only shoot at 4 of them and he only killed 1 thanks to Fortune.

We rolled and the game continued, I shot and killed his fleeing Marine and killed a few of his Marine squad with the Pathfinders.

He moved up but couldnt see anything to shoot.

We rolled and the game ended.

Game over: Eldar - 5 Space Marines - 1

Game 4

The last game was against a Dark Eldar player.

The mission was Crusade again but with only 4 objectives.

His list was:
10 Wyches
10 Wyches
3 Reavers
3 Truborn

I won the roll to go first but he stole initiative on a 4+.

He kept his Reavers and Vect + Truborn in his venom in reserves, and he moved his Wyches out from behind cover.

I moved my Wave Serpents up and shot at his Wyches and managed to kill all but 3.

He made his reserve roll for his Venom with the Vect in it and came on the board in my Deployment zone.  He shot at but failed to hurt the Wave Serpent.

My Fire Dragons got out and blew up his Venom and it killed 1 of the Truborn.  My Pathfidners killed another one.  I shot at his other group of Wyches in his deployment zone in area terrain holding the objective and killed 2.

He did not make his reserve roll for his Reavers.  He moved up and assaulted my Fire Dragons who killed the last Truborn in over watch.  He rolled horribly and only killed 1 Fire dragon but won combat but I made my leadership.

I moved my Wave Serpents up and shot at his unit of Wyches on his objective and killed 3 more, he failed leadership and ran off the board.  Combat continued and he killed 1 more but I made my Leadership.

His Reavers came in this turn and turbo boosted over my Pathfinders do 3x D3 hits and managed to roll 9 but failed to kill any.  I forgot about his three Wyches hiding and they came out and assaulted my Empty Wave Serpent but only glanced it. Combat continued and he finally killed all my Fire Dragons and moved closer to the path finders.

My Dire Avengers got out in the middle of the board on an objective and shot at the Reavers kill 2, while the other Wave Serpent turned around and killed the remaining Wyches. 

He turbo boosted his Reavers over the Pathfinders again but failed to do any damage.  His Vect did managed to assault them and killed 2.

I moved both Wave Serpents up waiting to shoot his Vect when he killed my Pathfinders. The Wave Serpents shot at and killed the remaining Reaver.  In combat he did just take and finished them off.

Turn 5, we rolled and the game continued.

He moved his Vect into the building to try and hide him.

I moved my Wave Serpents over and managed to kill his Vect with strength 6 shots from the Wave Serpents.

Game over: Eldar won.


My record over all was 3-0-1 but I ended up coming in second as a Tau player when 4-0-0.  It was a really fun tournament and the low point values really sped up the game.  I was happy with my army and its performance, I was just thankful I did not run into a terminator list.

- Brendan

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