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40k Battle Report - Eldar vs Space Marines

Space Marines VS Eldar - 2000 Points - (January 19, 2012)

I have been playing some games for the last few weeks with my Eldar but wanted to get some more painted (painted 7 vehicles in two weeks) before I took any pictures.  I am far from done for painting but at least the vehicles look decent.  I went to my buddies to play his space marine army for what might be his last time as he is (and you can see from some of the models) converting them to Dark Angels.  So look out for some Dark angel batreps coming in the near future as well.

Here are the lists:

Space Marines
3 Rhinos
Land Raider
Storm Talon
10 Man tactical squad
10 Man tactical squad
10 Man tactical squad
5 man Devastator squad with 3 lascannons and a missile launcher.
5 Man command squad with storm shields, power weapons and apothecary
Space Marine Captain
7 Terminators with Thunder Hammers, storm shields and lightning claws.

2 Fire Prisims - Holo Fields, Spirit Stones
3 Wave Serpents - Spirit Stones, Scatters lasers
5 Dark Reapers - Exarch with Crack shot and Missile Launcher
5 Fire Dragons - Exarch with Dragon Pike
8 Pathfinders
10 Dire avengers - Exarch with Dual S-Cata and Bladestorm
10 Dire avengers - Exarch with Dual S-Cata
10 Warp Spiders - Exarch with Spinnert Rifle
Defense line with Quad Gun
Farseer - Runes of Witnessing and warding, spiritstones, guide and fortune.

Eldar Force, hard to tell what is what when its all black

Space Marine Force

Space Marine Deployment

Eldar Deployment

We rolled off, and got the Emperor's Will, we had 4 objectives total and we also got hammer and anvil deployment.  Space Marines won the roll to go first but I managed to steal the initiative.

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Warp Spiders and the two Wave Serpents holding the Fire Dragons and Dire Avengers moved up the near side, while the two Fire Prisims moved over to the far side.
Shooting: The Fire Prisims managed to explode one Rhino and immobilize the other. The Snipers shot and killed the Dev Squad Sergant.
Assault: NA

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: The land Raider moved 12 inches up the board to get his terminators as close as possible.  His unit got out of the immobilized Rhino and moved behind the building and his command squad got behind the Immobilized Rhino.
Shooting: He shot at killed one of my Dark Reapers.
Assault: NA

Exploded Rhino

Turn 2


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Warp Spiders and Wave Serpents continued to move up the board on the near far side and the Fire Prisims both moved around.  The Fire Dragons got out of the Wave Serpent and got within melta range of the Land Raider.
Shooting: The fire dragons exploded the land raider which killed one Terminator.  The Pathfinders shot and killed one more of the terminators.  The Wave Sepern'ts shot at the Dev squad but failed to do anything and the Dark Reapers managed to kill one of the Lascannon's.  The Fire Prisims tried to blow up the Rhino near the artifact and kill some terminators but failed to do either.
Assault: NA

Space Marines

Reserves: He failed his roll for his stormtalon.
Movement: His terminators moved up to assault the Dark Reapers while the Rhino fixed itself.  One of the Rhinos moved forward and triggered the artifact which ended up dealing D3 strength 3 hits to physkers at the end of everything shooting phase if something is within 3 inches of it.  The tactical marines moved back into cover and behind a building.
Shooting: The dev squad shot at and only managed to kill 2 of the fire dragons, the Rhino triggered the artifact and my Farseer lost 2 wounds.
Assault: The terminators assaulted the Dark Reapers and killed them all and took control over the quad gun.

Wave Serpents moving up with the Warp Spiders

Last one playing catch up

Terminators taking over the quad gun.

Turn 3


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Wave Serpents moved up and the one in the back let the Dire Avengers out to shoot at the Dev squad, while the forward one let out his 10 to shoot at the Marines on the objective.  The Warp Spiders also jumped up behind cover.
Shooting: The Fire Prisim's shot at the Rhino on the artifact but failed to do anything and also shot at the marines in the back and killed 1.  The Rhino was still on the artifact but this time the Farseer made his saves.  The Pathfinders shot and killed one Terminator and the squad gun.  One Wave Serpent turbo boosted in front of the Dire Avengers in his deployment zone.  The Dire Avengers used bladestorm but he made a ton of saves and only 2 Marines died.
Assault: NA

Space Marines

Reserves: He made his reserve roll for the stormtalon and it came in on the middle of the board facing the Dire Avengers.
Movement: He attempted to move his terminators up to the Pathfinders.  He moved his marines out from the objective to shoot the Dire Avengers/Farseer.  The Command Squad got out to shoot meltas at the Wave Serpent.
Shooting: The Stormtalon shot and killed 5 of the Dire Avengers int he middle with help from the Dev squad.  The Tactical Squad killed 2 of the Dire Avengers.  The Command Squad failed to blow up the Wave Serpent.  The Rhino was still in contact with the artifact and this time my Farseer did not make his wounds and died.
Assault: He attempted to assault the Pathfinders but failed, and one Terminator died in Overwatch.

Terminators fail their assault

Dire Avengers having a stand off the Marines

Dire Avengers in the middle of the board taking a beating.

Turn 4



Reserves: NA
Movement: The Dire Avengers got back into the Wave Serpent because they could not shoot this turn. The Dire Avengers moved back towards the objective and the rest of the vehicles moved forward.
Shooting: The Warp Spiders popped out and shot at the Stormtalon and managed to wreck it.  The Wave Serpents shot and killed one Marine in unit leaving 7.  The Wave Serpent in the middle moved up and shot at the Dev squad and killed 2 more leaving just the Missile launcher.  The Fire Prisims shot at and killed a few Marines that were hiding in the forest.
Assault: The Warp Spiders jumped back behind cover.

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: The Terminators moved up a landing ready to assault and the Marines moved around to to shoot the Wave Serpent.
Shooting: The remaining Dev squad member shot at and blew up the Wave Serpent with the Dire Avengers in it and left only 4 remaining.
Assault: The Terminators made their assault and killed 2 Pathfinders but the Pathfinders made their leadership.

Exploded Wave Serpent

Vehicles moving up the board

Terminators getting into combat

Turn 5


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Fire Prisims and Wave Serpents moved up the board, while the Dire Avengers got into one of the Wave Serpents and moved away.
Shooting: The Warp Spiders shot into one of the Tactical Squad and killed a few while the Fire Prisim's shot and killed a few more Marines.  The Fire Dragons shot and blew up the Rhino on the artifact.  The Wave Serpent shot and killed the last Dev squad member.
Assault: The Terminators killed 2 more Pathfinders but they passed their leadership again.

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: The Command squad moved up to assault the Fire Prisims, the Marines shuffled around to get ready to engage the Warp Spiders and fight over the last objective.
Shooting: The Command Squad assaulted the Fire Prisim's with their melta bombs and managed to destroy one of the Fire Prisim's turrets.  The Marines shot at and killed 2 of the Warp Spiders
Assault: The Terminators finally managed to kill the Pathfinders and started to move towards the close board edge were the Dire Avengers were on the objective.

Turn 6 - Rolled and the game continued


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Wave Serpent in the middle of the board with 4 Dire Avengers in it let them out to claim the objective, while the Warp Spiders jumped in front of Dire Avengers to shoot the Marines and block their path.
Shooting: The Wave Serpents shot and killed a few more Marines leaving only 2 left on the back objective and the one remaining Fire Prisim shot at some Marines and killed a couple.  The Warp Spiders shot and killed a few more before assault them to tie them up in combat.
Assault: Combat with the Warp Spiders and Marines was a tie each killing one.

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: The terminators moved as much as they could towards the objective.
Shooting: The Wave Serpent shot at and failed to kill any of the Marines on the back objective, and the fire dragons failed to blow up the Rhino.
Assault: Combat continued with the warp spiders losing one but making their leadership, with 6 Warp spiders left vs 5 Marines.

The 2 remaining marines on the back objective.

Terminators trying to make it to the objective

Command Squad destroying the Fire Prisim's

Dire Avengers claiming the objective

Turn 7 - Rolled and the game continued

Right now Eldar are winning 7 - 4


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Dire Avengers moved up onto the objective, and the Wave Serpents moved to shoot the last two Space Marines on the objective.  The Fire Dragons tried to move close enough to shoot the Command Squad and get a warlord kill.
Shooting: The Wave Serpent shot and killed one Space Marine, the remaing one made his leadership and stayed on the objective.
Assault: Combat continued and neither side could kill a unit.

Space Marines

Reserves: NA
Movement: The terminators moved to within one inch of contesting the near objective and would make that with its run roll.
Shooting: The terminators made their run roll (rolled a 1 though...) and contested the near objective.
Assault: combat continued and and the Warp Spiders won that round but they stayed lock in combat.

Game over - Final Score: Space Marines - 4 Eldar - 4

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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