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40k Battle Report - Grey Knights vs Chaos Daemons

Grey Knights VS Chaos Daemons - 2000 Points - (January 12th, 2013)

Its been a while! I have been starting my Eldar army and have been playing with them the last month or so but with Christmas season and everything else I did not have much time to post.  I am back for my first post of the new year and oddly enough its a Daemons again but I will have a Eldar post coming soon.

I went to my buddies to play a few games and we started off with Daemons vs GK, I brought an all Khorne list because that had the best chance of doing anything against the GK. He used a different type of list then he normally does and it was very terminator heavy with some Paladins thrown in there, I think this is the smallest list I have ever seen him field.

Here are the lists:

Grey Knights:
10 Terminators - Thunderhammers/Halbreds (reserves)
5 Paladins - Apothecary
5 man Strike Squad
Land Raider - Lascannon, Multi Melta
Dreadnought (reserves, on the stormraven)

Chaos Daemons:
Bloodthirster - Blessing of the Blood God, Unholy Might
3x Bloodcrushers - Fury of Khorne, Icon
3x Bloodcrushers - Fury of Khorne
8x Bloodletter - Fury of Khorne
8x Bloodletter - Fury of Khorne
8x Bloodletter - Fury of Khorne
8x Bloodletter - Fury of Khorne
8x Bloodletter - Fury of Khorne
6x Flesh Hounds - Karanak, Fury of Khorne
Daemon Prince - Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark of Khorne, Blessing of the Blood God, Death Strike

Daemon Prince - Wings, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark of Khorne, Blessing of the Blood God, Death Strike

Daemon Army

Grey Knight Army

Grey Knight Deployment

We rolled off and got Emperors Will and Dawn of War,

The preferred Daemon wave was, Bloodthirster, Flesh Hounds, one Bloodletter squad, Bloodcrushers with Icon and one Daemon Prince.

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1


Reserves: I made my preferred wave, the Bloodthirster came in on the far left side on his side of the table, the Bloodcrushers came in on my side in the middle.  The Flesh hounds landed in cover and the Bloodletters landed on the right side near the middle.  The Prince mishapped and went into ongoing reserves.
Movement: NA
Shooting: I ran all my units forward up the board.
Assault: NA

Grey Knights

Reserves: NA
Movement: He moved his land raider up to try to shoot my Bloodthirster, also he moved his strike squad in his Rhino.
Shooting: He shot at and did one wound to my Bloodthirster with his LR.
Assault: NA

Right side of the board

Left side of the board

Turn 2


Reserves: Prince came in from ongoing reserves, everything else but Skulltaker and the other 3 Bloodcrushers came in.  One unit of Bloodletters landed on the objective and the other in the middle, while one Prince deep striked near the Icon and the other landed up near the Land Raider.
Movement: The Bloodthirster stopped flying and landed in front of the LR, while everything else moved up the board.
Shooting: NA
Assault: The Bloodthirster assaulted the LR and managed to blow it up.

Grey Knights

Reserves: The Stormraven came in from reserves and parked in front of the bastion and the Dreadnought got off the back.
Movement: The Rhino moved back a bit and the Paladins moved up to shoot/assault the bloodthirster.
Shooting: He shot at the Bloodthirster and did 1 wound bringing him down to 2, while the Dreadnought killed a few Bloodletters and the Stormraven did a wound to the flying Prince.
Assault: He assaulted the Bloodthirster and he did one wound to him and lost one Paladin.

Daemons Moving up

Combat with the Paladins/Bloodthirster

Turn 3


Reserves: Failed the roll for Skulltaker but the second unit of Bloodcrushers came in.  They landed in the middle near the Icon.
Movement: The Prince's both flew up next to the Stormraven and Dreadnought, while one unit of Bloodcrushers moved up the Stormraven, the flesh hounds and Bloodletters on the right side came out of hiding to get closer to the unit in the Rhino.
Shooting: The Princes both shot but failed to do anything.
Assault: The Prince assaulted the Dreadnought, and the Bloodcrushers and other Prince assaulted the Stormraven.  The Prince blew up the Dreadnought and the Bloodcrushers and other Prince only managed to immobilize the Stormraven, and do 2 hull points.  The Bloodthirster killed one more Paladin and lost another wound leaving him at 1.

Grey Knights

Reserves: Terminators came in and landed in the middle of his deployment zone.
Movement: NA
Shooting: He shot with his terminators and did 2 wounds to the Daemon prince.  The Stormraven shot at but failed to do a wound to the other Prince.
Assault: The Paladins finished off the Bloodthirster in this round of combat.

Princes assaulting the Grey Knights

Paladins and terminators regrouping

Turn 4



Reserves: The last two units of Bloodletters came in, Skulltaker and his unit landed near the Icon in the middle and the other unit landed behind the building in his deployment zone on the left.

Movement: The prince both jumped over behind the terminators and the Flesh Hounds and Bloodletters moved out to assault the Rhino/Strikesquad that got out.
Shooting: Both Princes shot their Deathstrike into the Terminators and killed two of them.
Assault: The Princes assaulted the Terminators and the Bloodletters assaulted the Rhino, while the Flesh hounds assaulted the Strikesquad.  The Bloodcrushers also assaulted the immobilized Stormraven.  The Stormraven was wrecked and the Rhino was also wrecked, 4 of the Flesh Hounds died but they also killed a couple of the Strikesquads.  The Princes combined killed 4 terminators and only lost 1 wound, they lost combat by 3 and failed their leadership, they managed to get away but ran off the board.

Grey Knights - Called the game

With only 3 of the Strikesquad left that were able to claim objectives and 4 Paladins he called the game, I still had all my units except the Bloodthirster.

Reserves: NA
Movement: NA
Shooting: NA
Assault: NA

Daemons overwhelming the GK

Paladins making their stand

Game over - Final Score: Daemons Win

It was a tough game for the Grey Knights, also my friend is never really uses Paladins and made this list more to see what would happen.  The Blessing of the Blood God really saved my butt against all his force weapons and that is what left me kill all his terminators. Not really a true measure of his Grey Knights.

The Three Stars:

Daemon Three Stars:

*     Bloodthirster
**   Prince
*** Prince

Grey Knights Stars:
*     Paladins
**   Stormraven
*** Strikesquad

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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