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40k Battle Report - 6th Ed Chaos Daemons Vs Dark Angels Game 2

Dark Angels VS Chaos Daemons - 2000 Points - (March 16th, 2013)

A few days later and some adjustments to my list we go for round 2!  I switched it up a bit and brought less HQ's and more Hounds and Crushers along with a Daemon Price.  His list was a bit different as well, he dropped some Bikes and brought a unit of Tactical marines in a Rhino to hold an objective in his deployment zone.  After the crap show that was the first game and my reserve rolls I figured I would change it up and relish the fact I could deploy my entire army on the board.

Here are the lists:


Bloodthirster - 50 points rewards
16x Bloodletter - Reaper upgrade, 20 points rewards
16x Bloodletter - Reaper upgrade, 20 points rewards
16x Bloodletter - Reaper upgrade, 20 points rewards
6 Bloodcrushers - Hunter upgrade, 20 points rewards
11 Flesh Hounds
Soul Grinder - Phlegm upgrade Mark of Khorne
Skull Cannon
Daemon Prince - Wings, Armour, Mark of Khorne, 40 points rewards

Dark Angels:

7 Terminators
5 Terminators
10  Marines with Rhino
10 Marines with Drop Pod
10 Marines with Drop Pod
Dreadnought with Multi-Melta, in a Drop Pod
3x Bike Squad
Nephilim Fighter

We rolled off and got the scouring and hammer and anvil.

In this game I kept nothing in reserves.

Daemon Deployment

Dark Angels Deployment

Follow the break for rest of the battle report!

Turn 1

The Prince rolled for 20 greater rewards and got reroll invul saves a 4+ FNP, while the Thirster got the lance shot and +1 Wound and Will not Die.


Reserves: NA
Movement: I moved everything up / shuffled stuff around to deny any deepstriking from his terminators. Also the FMC took to the skies to avoid any fire.
Shooting: Nothing to shoot at.
Assault: NA

Dark Angels

Reserves: Two Drop Pods came in, one with the Dreadnought and 10 Marines, also his two units of terminators came in.  The Belial and the 7 terminators came in in the back of the board and his Dreadnought landed near the Soul Grinder.
Movement: His bikes moved up.
Shooting: He shot the Soul Grinder with the multi melta but I made the Invul save, and he also killed 8 Bloodletters from a unit with his terminators and another 8 with his tactical marines.
Assault: NA

Bloodletters taking some damage

Daemons getting ready to strike

Terminators used the homing beacon from the bikes.

Turn 2


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Prince and the Bloodthirster came down, and the Thirster moved towards the terminators, while the Hounds, Bloodetters and Prince moved up to Belial's group.  The Crushers continued up the other side of the board.
Shooting: The Thirster used both his whip and lance shot and killed 1 terminator, the Soul Grinder shot but scattered off the unit of Marines, and the Skull Cannon hit and killed one terminator but also but a skull token on them. I also rolled a double 6 for the warp storm table and got a unit of 9 Bloodletters which I put near his objective.
Assault: The Bloodthirster assaulted the Terminators and the Bloodletters and hounds both assault Belial's group, but I wedged out my Price so he could not charge.  The Bloodthirster killed 2 more of the Terminators leaving 2 left but they both completely whiffed all their attacks.  The Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds killed 4 terminators leaving just two left and Belial.  The terminators attacked back and killed a few Bloodletters and a Flesh Hound.

Dark Angels

Reserves: He made his reserve roll for his Flyer and his drop pod, both came in trying to take down the stranded Daemon Prince.
Movement: He moved back his bikes.
Shooting: He shot with both Marines and the flyer but because of the Princes 3+ armour save and re-rollable 5+ invul and 4+ FnP he did not take a single wound.  He also shot his Dreadnought into the Soul Grinder again but missed.  He shot and killed 5 of the 9 Bloodletters on the back objective.
Assault: The Bloodthirster finished off the last two Terminators, and the Hounds and Bloodletters killed one more Terminator and did a wound to Belial, while the terminators killed one more Flesh Hound.  The Dreadnought missed with his attacks and the Soul Grinder killed him.  The bikes assaulted the Bloodletters in the back and killed 1 while losing 1.

Flesh hounds swarming the terminators

Bloodthirster looking for more prey

Bloodletters holding objective while Dark Angels Drop Pod lands near them

Turn 3 


Reserves: NA
Movement: The Prince and Bloodthirster jumped over to assault the two tactical squads in the open.  While the Crushers moved up try to get to the back objective.
Shooting: The Soul Grinder shot but again failed to do anything.  The Thirster killed two marines with his two shooting attacks.
Assault: The Prince and Bloodthirster assaulted and killed several marines each without taking a wound.  And the Hounds killed the last Terminator leaving just Belial left.  The combat with the bikes ended with 3 Bloodletters left and the all the bikes dead.

Dark Angels

Reserves: NA
Movement: His flyer moved up to shoot the Soul Grinder.
Shooting: The Marines in the back shot and killed two of the Bloodletters leaving 1 left.  The Nephilim Fighter failed to do anything to the Soul Grinder.
Assault: Belial took one more wound and left with 1.  The Prince and Bloodthirster also did a few more wounds leaving just a couple Marines left in each squad.

Daemons Holding the Objective

Prince and Thirster going to town

Lone Bloodletter praying for help

Turn 4 - Daemons Win

He called the game, he had very little left and all my hitters were still on the board.

I definitely like rolling on the greater rewards chart, the exalted is very nice but its mostly for extra killing, which the Bloodthirster does not really need, while the greater rewards offer much more durability. Which is seen with my Price who never took a wound all game.   This game went much like the first game except in the opposite direction.  It was clear by turn 3 who was going to win and we didn't need to keep playing.  With the Dark Angels and their deepstriking these games get nasty very quickly with lots of first round shooting and wounds taken, but that also means I can get my units into combat much faster.  It can be a trade off.  Still getting a feel for this new book and might try some of my Tzeentch next, but I do not like the warpflame aspect, but we will see.

The Dark Angels are a tough army to fight cause a lot of problems with their almost never failing deepstirking... I hate drop pods :P

Thanks for reading this battle report, I hope to have more available to you soon, please leave comments and opinions below!

- Brendan

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