Eldar Army

Update January 18th 2013

I finished all the vehicles! After I traded my Orks for Eldar I ended up with 8 vehicles, I have 7 of them painted (I have a falcon but dont plan on using it very often so I didnt paint it)

Here they are all done finally.

4 Wave Serpents (Yes I know one is built like a Falcon, it was my first one and  it came with Falcon instructions) and 3 Fire Prisims

All my Wave Serpents

My 3 Fire Prisims

The blue gem on the Wave Serpent is to show Dire Avengers will be in it, the bone colour is the WS that will have my Farseer in it with what ever unit he is attached to

The red gem is to show Fire Dragons will be in it, and again another blue gem for more Dire Avengers

I started a Eldar army? I guess so, here are some pictures from my first completed models.

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